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10 Curly Hair Looks Only a Leo Can Rock

Leo season has just kicked off so we wanted to do something extra special for the sign. To celebrate the lion, we rounded up some curly hair looks for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. Only a Leo can pull these coily styles off, so don’t even attempt to try them if you belong to any other zodiac sign. Leos, get all the hair inspo you need for your next curly hair ‘do below. Which Leo hairstyle will you try?

1. Copper Faux Hawk

Gold, yellow, and orange are all hues fit for the queen of the zodiac. Given this look fits into that color scheme, any Leo will feel right at home in it. It’ll surely help one stand out in a crowd, which is something they love doing.

2. Pastel Pink Curls

Another look that will give any Leo the attention they desire, this pastel pink ‘do is calling the sign’s name. It doesn’t get much more eye-catching than this.

3. Big Afro

Leos are represented by the lion, which happens to be known for its luscious mane. Is there another hairstyle that resembles a regal mane quite like an afro? We don’t think so. For all the Black Leos reading this, let the world see your crown.

4. Blinged Out Curly Low Pony

There is a lot going on with this look, but Leo is all about that. Between the intricate style to the dazzling hair jewels, this pony is one of the best Leo hairstyles out there.

5. Sun-Kissed Highlights

We added another afro to this list because they really are the most fitting style for a Leo. This one is sprinkled with sun-kissed highlights, creating a halo effect. Leo is ruled by the sun, so these highlights are all too perfect.

6. Colorful Curly Bangs

When Leo curls their hair, they curl every strand of it. This includes their bangs. Or, at least it should. To give them a little extra drama, add some pops of color.

7. Pineapple Hairstyle

Leos are the human embodiment of sunshine. They make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. This cutesy and fun pineapple hairstyle will do that for a Leo. When everything feels bleak, this look will put a smile on Leo’s face.

8. Chanel Curls

This looks is very specific but screams Leo. Having simple, loose curls adorned with a Chanel hair accessory is so inherently Leo, it speaks for itself.

9. Voluminous Coils

The bigger the hair, the more of a Leo. After all, big hair is Leo hair. Give the people something to talk about with these voluminous coils fit for any and every Leo.

10. Disco-Inspired Hairstyle

We had to add another big hairstyle because that is what Leo is all about. They’re larger than life, so their locks should be, too. This disco-inspired look is bubbly and bright, just like the zodiac sign.

Speaking of Leo hair, we’re very envious of THESE celebrity Leos and their gorgeous manes!

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