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Curly Hair Trends to Have on Your Radar in 2022

Since the pandemic, #curlyhairdontcare has seen popularity unlike ever before. Women and men alike are embracing their natural tresses with pride, and we love to see it! Therefore, it only makes sense that there’s a rise in curly hair trends in 2022.

With some of our team exhibiting curly strands of our own, we wanted to know which styles to keep on our radar in the coming year. Curious? Look no further than our list below!

collage of girls with natural curls


Forget about taming or wearing up—letting your hair go free and flowy is expected to continue in the coming year.

“I really love seeing so many curly clients embrace their natural textures,” says Gia Wendt, hairstylist at SPACE by Alex Brown in Chicago. “I see clients wanting to invest in better curl care, and I think that comes from spending a lot more time at home and giving their hair a break from heat styling.”

As for how to give those curls the TLC they deserve? “Use the right product for your hair type,” Wendt—who recommends Virtue Curl Defining Whip and Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Gel—advises. “And focus on really working water into your hair strand. That’s where the moisture, frizz control and curl definition come in.”

Mid-Length Cut With Layers

In case you missed the memo, volume is in! And a mid-length cut with lots of layers is how you’ll get there if you’re curly-haired. Taylor Blades, a Covet & Mane educator and owner of Blades Styling in Arizona, suggests achieving this by way of the newly famed Aircut.

The Aircut requires cutting your dry and un-styled as opposed to wet “to help enhance your curls and their natural pattern,” Blades explains.

Post-cut, she says, “Be sure to add moisture to your curls to help them stay bouncy and keep their shape.”

Half-Up, Half-Down

If you’re looking to moderately tame the tresses while still letting them flow, Instagram is loving the half-up, half-down look right now.

Need some more curl content? HERE are the best hair masks for all your winter woes!

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