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NEED TO KNOW: Curly Hair with Andrew Fitzsimons

Curly haired girls rejoice! We talked to celebrity and editorial hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons about all things CURLS- including the right products, maintenance, styling, and everything in between. If you don’t already know Fitzsimons, he is the mastermind behind Janet Mock’s covetable curls, and if you’ve been keeping with with him or Ms. Mock, you know that her hair changes constantly, but she always wears it curly. So it got us wondering, how does he do it? Take a look below and get ready to let your curls go free.

For girls with naturally curly hair, what is the ideal daily maintenance like?

Day to day maintenance of natural, curly hair is definitely all about moisture. You want to start off with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and a nourishing and restorative conditioner that will help with breakage. A leave in conditioner is a must for tangle free hair and helps avoid damage. Now if you usually use heat while styling your hair you want to invest in a good thermal heat protecting spray and also be conscious of the most delicate area of your hair, the edges at the front, I suggest using a lower heat in that area to protect them as much as possible..


How do you get the curls to look so polished, like Janet Mock’s, without looking too curly or childlike?

When I am giving Janet a ‘natural, day-time’ curly look, I like to dry her hair giving her curls as much volume as possible then with a curling iron that is a little bit wider than her natural curls pick out some sections around her face and hair-line to make her curls look more random and mismatched, which in turn makes the style appear more effortless and chic. Finish with a liberal veil of shine/oil spray.

What are some easy ways to switch up your hairstyle with curly hair?

With curly hair, the sky is the limit, and in my opinion, the bigger the better! It is so easy to incorporate some braids or accessories into your look. And the beauty of curls is that nothing has to look perfect. Curls in essence are wild, beautiful, and carefree so I think the best hairstyles are simple, not too fussy and showcase your natural texture.


Do you recommend any products for curly haired girls?

Yes, I am obsessed with Miss Jessie’s line of products! From their shampoos/conditioners to their styling products. They nourish, protect the hair and aren’t too heavy.. I also love Oribe ‘Dry Texturing Spray’ to really pump up the volume in seconds.. And I always have a bottle of Olive Oil ‘Sheen Spray’ which adds instant luster to the hair and also, *beauty tip* can be used to add shine to your legs.

Do you have any tips for managing curls when traveling or in humid climates?

Traveling with curly hair is actually quite easy as most products we would need to use are cream or liquid and can easily be decanted into travel size bottles. A tip for the beach would be to use a leave in conditioner with an SPF in it to minimize sun-damage and prevent color from fading.

What do you think of Andrew’s advice for curly haired girls? Be sure to follow him for more tips and #manespiration.

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