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Curly Nikki Natural Hair

“If you’re not feeling your hair, you’re not feeling yourself.”

That’s the motto of Curly Nikki, a psychotherapist and established blogger hell bent on helping women who struggle to embrace their naturally curly hair.

Curly Nikki Natural Hair

Nikki provides a balance between physical beauty and personal esteem to make natural hair chic, versatile and accessible. By featuring reader show-and-tells and sharing hair care tips for the naturally curly community, Nikki is taking the art of beauty blogging and transforming it into something truly revolutionary.

Curly Nikki Natural Hair

Follow her Instagram to see her insanely cool cut or check out the many ways she styles her daughter’s natural hair.

She’ll even throw in quick tutorials on how to achieve humidity-resistant curls or share the ways natural hair has made an impact on the community around her.

Be sure to check out her website Curly Nikki and follow @curlynikki.


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