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3 Overlooked Things You Need to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair Short

Obviously, when it comes to cutting your hair short, the biggest issue is bidding adieu to your long locks and worrying that you may not like your new look. But there are a few overlooked things to keep in mind prior to a big chop. Keep reading to discover three things to consider before cutting your hair short!

The Awkward Growing Out Phase

Unless you plan to keep your hair a specific short length from here on out, you have to accept that there will be a weird growing-out phase that you can’t avoid no matter what. Even if your hair looked good short and looks good long, that awkward in-between stage is never fun.

You Always Need Bobby Pins Handy

Working out is hard enough—do you really want to worry about your hair flopping around on top of the actual exercise? Trying to tie short hair into a bun or ponytail is nearly impossible. Unless your hair is super short, expect to need bobby pins on hand regularly to avoid looking like you have a mullet at the gym.

Your Hair Washing Routine Will Change

If you had a powerful shampoo and conditioner combo for those formerly long, luscious locks of yours, it may be time to say farewell. Depending on how short you go and how much body is taken out of your hair, you may need to use different products. You also need to be mindful of how much product you use, as the amount will differ from when you had long hair.

Long hair or short, this time of year dries out our locks. HERE are five minty masks that will keep the issue under control!

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