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11 Cute Hats For When Your Hair Just Plain Sucks

There’s a lottery-slim chance your mane makes you proud on all 365 days out of the year. For those times your hair hates you, and no amount of dry shampoo or texturizing spray can salvage your sad strands, there’s only one way to tango—hats. Below, 11 cute hats to take your Debbie-desperate ‘do from disastrous to delightful.

Floral Satin Baseball Hat ($24)

floral satin cap urban outfitters cute hats hat hair
(via Urban Outfitters)

ASOS Floppy Straw Hat ($24)

(via ASOS)

Limited Edition Ouaisted Dad Hat ($25)

ouai ouaisted dad hat
(via theouai.com)

H&M Slay Queen Cotton Cap ($10)

hm slay queen baseball cap hat hair cute hats

(via H&M)
Topshop Denim Bucket Hat ($30)denim bucket hat top shop cute hats(via Topshop)

Unif Watermelon Hat ($32)

(via Unif Clothing)


Zara Floppy Raffia Hat with Floral Embroidery ($40)

zara floppy floral embroidered hat cute hats(via Zara)

ASOS Sacred Hawk Velvet Corduroy Baker Boy Hat ($40)

(via ASOS)

River Island Black Floral Embroidered Straw Hat ($44)

river island black floral embroidered straw hat cute hats

(via River Island)

Dolls Kill Youth Machine Naps Dad Hat ($45)

youth machine naps cap dolls kill cute cats hat hair

(via Dolls Kill)


Topshop Stripe Bow Back Cap ($22)

tosphop stripe bow back cap nordstrom cute hats summer hats hat hair

(via Nordstrom)

Cute hat, check. Now see How to Style Your Hair with a Hat.



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