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Cute Holiday Party Ponytails for Natural Hair

The holidays are right around the corner and what a perfect time to go ahead and start planning out your holiday looks. There are so many places to gain inspiration, but isn’t it hard to actually choose?! We’ve been kind of obsessed—and by “kind of,” we mean very—with badass ponytails. Especially those that incorporate some sort of braid, twist, or texture. Not only are ponytails a classic style, the fact that many of these ponytails are super low-maintenance and qualify as a protective style makes them a total win-win. The colder months can take a toll on our natural hair and that’s why we’ve put together the cutest holiday party ponytails for natural hair gals!

All Braided Up

Pull your braids up into a gorgeous high pony and wrap the base with a braid to conceal your hair tie.

DIY Ponies

If you don’t have time to sit down with your stylist, here is a holiday party ponytail that is super easy to recreate yourself. It requires minimal skill and time! Yasss.

Dolled Up With Sparkly Accessories

A lil’ sparkle adds a whole lot of glitzy drama.

Vavavoom Volume

Pull up your tresses into a mega voluminous ponytail adorned with wire at the base.

Braided Intrigue

Baby braids and bigger cornrows are a total party pony win.

Cornrow Corsets

Add a little flair to your braids with pretty corset detailing.

Cornrows Into a Curly Poppin’ Pony

How gorgeous is this mega-long pony with super tight cornrows and laid-down baby hairs?

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