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Follow These Cutting Techniques for the Best Looking Curtain Bangs

By now you know why curtain bangs are the go-to chic hair accessory: they’re low-maintenance, look good on everyone, and enhance your cheekbones. You know the why, now you need to know how to cut curtain bangs. To help explain the method for creating perfect curtain bangs on yourself or a client, Redken artist and Creative Director of Head Studio in Perth, Australia, Marie Cain, is sharing her tips, below.

Focus on Your Facial Features

Marie shares that she generally tries to “emphasize two key things: the eyes and the cheekbones. The curtain effect lets you kind of manipulate the face and alter where you place the emphasis, by directing the hair and shaping the lengths accordingly.”

Start With a Triangle

In terms of technique, Marie reveals she begins “cutting the fringe from a triangle section, which should not be too deep nor too wide.” She notes that “you don’t want to section too far back (at the sides) because it will widen the final look. Nor should you section too high on the head which will leave you with too much hair to cut.”

“Sectioning is important because it’s the foundation of the shape,” she emphasizes. “You don’t want to distort the focus you’re trying to create by getting that first bit wrong.”

Style Them Right

Marie notes she “would use Redken One United as a primer for the bangs and through the mid-lengths. It’s a spray treatment rather than a styler that I use to add a bit of ‘It-girl’ texture and weight to the hair but it still allows you to dry the hair either naturally or with heat to leave it looking fresh.

She also recommends using the Redken Powder Grip 03 and Wind Blown 05. “They are my go-to for finishing that perfect texture to curtain bangs once the hair is dry.”

Think you can’t pair curtain bangs with curly hair? Thank again! All the inspiration you need for curtain bangs on curly hair can be found HERE!

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