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Dae’s 3-in-1 Styling Cream Is This Lazy Girl’s New Go-To

There’s nothing I love quite like a multi-tasking product. Between busy days and a general low-maintenance attitude when it comes to styling, time-intensive and fussy options are simply not in the cards for this lazy girl. So naturally, I found Dae’s new 3-in-1 elixir so intriguing. With desert fruit extracts, this triple-duty product promises to smooth flyaways, define curls, and provide blow dry prep. That’s a tall order for a single styler—I just had to try it out. Read on to take in my entire Dae 3-in-1 Styling Cream review.

Incredible Scent and Texture

Just a quick note to start things off: the packaging is so cute. A vibrant magenta with peach overlayed text, this summer-ready styler would look gorgeous on anyone’s bathroom shelf. What’s more, the scent is incredible. A fragrant concoction of dragon fruit, prickly pear seed oil, and meadowfoam seed oil, this desert-centric product smells fresh and fruity in the best possible way. Like a refreshing cocktail for your mane. The thick cream texture is easy to work with and disperses through your mane fuss-free, making it ideal for styling in a pinch.

Flexible Styling Power That Lasts

As for the promise of smoothing flyaways and prepping your strands pre-blow dry, this writer can confirm that Dae’s 3-in-1 Styling Cream is up to the task. I used a quarter-sized amount on post-shower mid-lengths to ends, followed by a quick blow dry with a heated brush. The results were staggering: a smooth, shiny, flyaway-free mane. But that’s not the end of the saga. I also took this styler all the way to Coachella Valley for this April’s biggest music festival. Using just a dollop of this cream, I handily maneuvered my strands into mini buns and that’s truly impressive.


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Brushable Hold for Next-Day Wear

But the benefits don’t truly end with the three listed on this trendy product packaging. Dae’s non-greasy formula is also perfect for next day wear. The product’s flexible hold truly lasts all day. But with a touchable, brushable texture, an all-day style can easily be stretched into tomorrow.

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