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HOW-TO: Daisy Ridley’s Oscars Twisted Topknot Updo by Robert Vetica

Twisted Topknot Daisy Ridley Star Wars Force Awakens Robert Vetica Hair

Anything long-haired girls can do, short-haired gals can do just as good–if not better. Case in point: Daisy Ridley’s twisted topknot updo from the Oscars. Robert Vetica cleverly crafted Daisy’s IRL shoulder-length bob into a full-looking masterpiece of a mane. Playing off the 1920’s flapper vibe of Daisy’s Chanel Haute Couture dress, Vetica drew inspiration from “very structural hair styles—things that were molded organically—with twists and folds, and looks that were fashion-forward and crafted in a more technical, architectural way.”

In the end, Vetica took his favorite parts from those looks and combined them into a high-end yet fresh style for The Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress. Vetica said, “Her look is young and cool, and at the same time very modern. Can I say that it’s badass? That’s how I feel about it!” More like badass to the bone! Vetica told us exactly how to achieve the look–scroll down now to see.

Topknot twist architectural topknot robert vetica daisy ridley oscars academy awards 2016


  1. If you have shoulder-length hair like Daisy, before incorporating hair pieces, apply an oil and brush the product through with Olivia Garden’s Divine Care & Style.
  2. Apply a heat protectant and volumizer from roots to end, then brush with Olivia Garden’s Healthy Hair Eco-Friendly Ionic Vented Paddle Brush.
  3. Flip your head and blast roots with a blow-dryer to give extra volume and anchor the updo. Give yourself a typical blowout, by sectioning off hair and going over it with Olivia Garden’s Ceramic + Ion Thermal Round Brush. Once fully dry, add styling cream from the ears down.
  4. Clip the very top section of hair away from the rest of the style to mold and shape the bottom half. After your top section’s secured, brush the rest of her back with Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Brush into a top knot right at the base of the crown, where the first top section was.
  5. Using a lot of hairspray, create a clean, tight look to the top knot (aka the base of the ponytail).
  6. Take the hair sectioned off in the beginning and back-comb it with Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Brush at the root to give the perfect shape at the crown– secure this section into the top knot with pins.
  7. With your prepped hair piece, (the one Vetica used on Daisy was 22-inches long), wrap it around the top knot and secure with pins again.
  8. Work styling cream into the long pony tail.
  9. Finish the look by sectioning the ponytail into two and twisting the sections. Secure each twist with a clear elastic and bobby pins pinned at certain points.

Pro tip via Vetica: It’s important when creating a more structural style, to use ceramic-based tools that add extra heat to the hair, and help mold and shape the style.

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