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MANESPIRATION: Dakota Johnson for Elle Magazine by Jenny Cho

Dakota Johnson Elle Cover

Dakota Johnson graces the cover of Elle’s November issue and we can’t get over her perfectly textured tresses! Dakota was one of the eight female powerhouses chosen for the annual ‘Women In Hollywood’ covers, and she is owning it!

Dakota’s cover has us wanting to cut bangs stat! Her perfectly cropped locks and oh so stylish fringe screams Hollywood ‘It’ girl. With hair styled by Jenny Cho, Dakota shows off her bold, wheaty highlights.

Dakota Johnson Elle Cover

Though he wasn’t a part of this shoot, Mark Townsend who frequently styles her hair has said, “She is Hollywood royalty and her grandmother (Tippi Hedren) is one of my main references hair-wise. We’re also always on the same page about hairstyles.” 

Tippi Hedren is also Dakota’s biggest influence; in her interview with Elle, she says, “My grandmother, Tippi Hedren. When I saw her in Marni, I just thought it was a magical thing to be one way in real life and then be a completely different way [onscreen].”

Dakota Johnson Elle Cover

She may be, “Hollywood Royalty,” but she has definitely come into her own. Dakota’s unique beauty, breakout roles, and amazing personality demand recognition. She is making a name for herself and embodying a style of her own. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Dakota!

What do you think of Dakota’s fierce look? Sound off in the comments!!

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