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When your state slogan might as well be, “the higher the hair, the closer to God,” you better believe the salons in Dallas are turning out bombshell southern belle manes left and right! With a local style unique to the industrial, eclectic city, the resident Mane Masters of the southwest know a thing or two about big, beautiful hair. Whether you’re local to the area or just a traveller passing through, why not take some time to pamper your strands at these AMAZING hair havens?!

  BLANC HAIR SALON Owner Scott Witmer has earned quite the pedigree working with top celebrities like Fergie, Nicole Richie, Adam Lambert and Molly Quinn. As the former director for Toni & Guy and a regular participant at fashion week, you can bet his staff at Blanc Hair Salon are highly trained and experienced in the art of upscale manes. Blanc Hair Salon Dallas A consistent titleholder on Allure’s Best of the Best in Beauty for Dallas, the quality products they carry (Kevin Murphy, Morrocanoil and Oribe) are just a reflection of the sophisticated salon. The sleek black and white space is the perfect setting to receive a chic new cut or color transformation! 2717 Howell St | Dallas, TX 75204   DEAR CLARK When you walk into the uptown salon, you’re immediately struck by the walls decked out with local art. Then, you’re offered a glass of champagne and you hear all about how they support the community by hosting a calendar of sophisticated events. It’s officially no surprise that Dear Clark is lauded around the city as a cultural hub. Owners Holly Dear and Kaycee Clark have built quite the reputation for their hair studio, with Holly slanted as the Sally Hershberger of Dallas. dear clark dallas With a chic, blow dry lounge and a line of their own, signature products including tonics, rinses, and elixirs, we love their green atmosphere and these custom-made beauty buys created with locally sourced ingredients. If you’re looking for more than just your run-of-the-mill salon experience, look no further than Dear Clark! 3317 McKinney Ave | Dallas, TX 75204   HAIR BY CHARLIE Their motto, “scissors with soul,” perfectly describes the energy of the cozy upscale salon infused with a down-to-earth vibe. The space exudes the edgy atmosphere of the Design District where it’s located; rustic, industrial, and adorned with cowhide! Mane Master Charlie Price spent several years in NYC perfecting his craft before taking his signature sun-kissed color skills to the southwest and opening his namesake salon. hair by charlie salon dallas For those of you who dread constant upkeep and color touch-ups, you’ll fall in love with Charlie’s #zeromaintenancehaircolor movement, which found its inspiration from that effortless and highly coveted lived-in look. Visit Hair by Charlie for high-quality cuts and color without breaking your beauty bank. 1621 Oak Lawn Ave | Dallas, TX 75207   OSGOOD O’NEIL Established in ’88 by Bruce Osgood and Allane O’Neil, their three namesake salons located throughout Dallas are the epitome of Texas chic with rustic, modern décor, and top of the line stylists. Easily one of the most well known hair hotspots in town, Osgood O’Neil screams luxury with their concierge, complimentary cocktails, massage chairs, and fresh flowers everywhere that meets the eye. osgood o'neil salon dallas Their stacked service menu offers deep conditioning treatments, extensions, Brazilian blowouts and full makeup applications. If you’re after a BIG, bona fide southern belle mane, look no further than Osgood O’Neil Salons. 4320 Lovers Lane | Dallas, TX 75225   THE SONGBIRD SOCIETY With over 50 years of combined experience in color, two of Dallas’ most celebrated salon owners, Richard Hayler and J.T. Osgood, got together to create a small but mighty hair heaven that captured the essence of their vision; an earthy yet chic space that celebrates individuality and the art of hair color! songbird society salon dallas The antidote to traditional salons that rely on flashy pomp and circumstance, their highly curated staff undergoes a grueling apprenticeship before being trusted with your precious tresses, so you can expect the utmost in quality from their elite team. On the shelves, you’ll find crowd-favorite products like Oribe, Sachajuan, and R+Co. With a stamp of approval from beauty blogger, Sea of Shoes’ Jane Aldridge, and over a 52-week waiting list to snag a spot in J.T.’s chair, The Songbird Society is becoming far too successful to continue calling itself a hidden gem! 4631 Insurance Ln | Dallas, TX 75205  


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