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I Finally Found a Scrunchie That Keeps My Hair Secure While Working Out

This is a bold opinion that will rock the hair industry: I’m not a fan of hair scrunchies. Listen, I know they’re cute and designed to keep hair in place without causing damage, but they just don’t do it for me. The draw of a regular hair tie is that it keeps my ponytails high and messy buns in place, though they’re not great for my hair. Scrunchies don’t do that without a little extra help from an additional scrunchie or some bobby pins. And I don’t have the energy to use more than one hair accessory at a time in these trying times.

What I really dislike the most about all the scrunchies I’ve tried is how poorly they keep my hair in place while working out. I’ll slip into a downward dog and suddenly my bun has fallen. I’m already not a fan of working out, to begin with, so I don’t need anything to disrupt my rhythm. When that happens, I become so ridiculously irritated. Before you ask, yes, I am in therapy and we’re working on it. Nevertheless, using a scrunchie to hold my hair in place during a workout hasn’t worked out well for me. That is, until, I came across Damn Gina’s Silk Scrunchies.

One of my favorite PR teams sent me an email offering opt-in gifting of some of Damn Gina’s silk accessories. I figured why not and sent my info to receive the goodies. I’m so glad I did because I found the scrunchie of my dreams. Scroll below to learn more about Damn Gina and my experience with their silk scrunchie!

About Damn Gina

Damn Gina is an Australian-based hair company founded by Sumana Jayanth. After trying everything to maintain her curls and keep frizz at bay, Sumana eventually turned to silk hair wraps. This led her to create Damn Gina’s signature Silk Hair Wrap for others to use. Not only does Damn Gina produce silk hair wraps, but the company also creates silk scrunchies and silk pillowcases to give you the silk fix you’re looking for.

The hair company’s products are made of 100% pure mulberry silk, which promises to keep your hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. Their products are even hypoallergenic, meaning they’re naturally resistant to germs, dust mites, and other allergens.

The Product

I was graciously sent a package of Damn Gina goodies, which contained their silk hair wrap and a silk scrunchie. Honestly, I’ve yet to put the hair wrap to the test, as it was the scrunchie that caught my eye. But if my experience with the Damn Gina scrunchie has taught me anything, I have a pretty good feeling about the hair wrap. Alas, I digress.

For the Damn Gina scrunchies, they can be purchased in a two-pack for $15 or a four-pack for $30. With each, you get a thick and a thin scrunchie. In the four-pack, you receive two of each. I only received the thin scrunchie, but that was good enough for my thick, straight strands.

What sets these scrunchies apart from others I’ve tried is how well they stay put. And they were designed that way. They offer a super stronghold without damaging, snagging, or tearing your tresses. A literal dream come true for someone like me!

The Experience

As I detailed with much fervor, I have a pretty strong disdain for scrunchies, especially when I’m working out. They just don’t hold up my hair like a hair tie does, but I still use them because I don’t want to damage my strands.

When it came time to test out the Damn Gina silk scrunchie, I noticed it was a lot sturdier than flimsy cotton and silk scrunchies. Initially, I had just used it at night to secure my overnight braid, but when I noticed how strong it was, I decided to see if it would keep my hair up during a workout.

Now, I don’t work out too intensely. I still work out at home because I’m not prepared to enter a gym when COVID is still a thing. I’ll often do a pilates or yoga workout, though I’ve recently been getting into walking workouts. These are the workouts that prove just how unstable (much like myself) scrunchies really are. Two minutes in and my ponytail is already falling out. This even happens when I go on brisk walks around my neighborhood. And wow, does it drive me insane. So, I figured a walking workout would be the best way to see how hefty the Damn Gina scrunchie is.

Immediately upon tying my hair up in a ponytail, I already knew it was going to stay put. And, sure enough, it did. I did a 40-minute walking workout from Grow With Jo and didn’t have to retie my hair once. Nor did I have to give it a little pull to ensure it stayed put. It did that all on its own. Here’s a post-workout selfie for proof, though I did wash my face to get rid of all the sweat. And also waited 20 minutes so my face wasn’t as red as a tomato.

White girl with copper hair taking a selfie while wearing a Damn Gina scrunchie in her hair

The Bottom Line

It’s safe to say I’m a fan of the Damn Gina silk scrunchies. If you struggle with finding a scrunchie that will hold your hair in place, even if you’re just sitting at home, try these. The way they keep your ponytails high without causing damage is truly uncanny. I think I’ve said all I needed to say!

You can shop the entire range of Damn Gina silk hair products here.

Scrunchies just make life easier, especially microfiber towel scrunchies. Read my review of them HERE!

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