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Is Dandruff Scraping the New Pimple Popping?

Pimple popping had us looking away from our screens as we simultaneously cried for more. The practice mesmerized audiences and even launched careers (hello, Dr. Pimple Popper). The internet is always looking to up the ante and it found a way to do so with dandruff scraping videos. Amassing millions of views, these YouTube dandruff scraping accounts have people tuning in to watch others scrape huge dandruff flakes off their scalp.

pink hair pulling
(via Unsplash)

The practice is graphic and can leave you gagging at times. If you chose to read on and watch vids, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Most of these dandruff scraping videos start innocently enough, the person being recorded stands in front of the camera and starts parting their hair. Then, depending on the YouTuber’s preference, a tool is produced to help scrap the flakes. We’ve seen everything from repurposed dentist tools to mini combs.

If you thought this trend couldn’t get any crazier, think again. Some of these videos can get people, how can we say this? Pretty excited? Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR for short and in slang, is a pleasurable feeling that originates from your scalp and can be felt all the way down through your spine. It tends to be accompanied by a tingling sensation that results in stimulation. ASMR enthusiasts have been getting their kicks via dandruff removal.

We hate to admit it, but it is rather satisfying. Our only question is how do we sign up to be the star of one of these videos? We’d certainly love to experience dandruff scraping firsthand.

If you happen to struggle with dandruff, HERE are six common ingredients to avoid!

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