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This Cult-Favorite Danish Hair Treatment Saved My Thinning Mane

Glitter eyeshadow, velour pants and bell bottoms: there are only a handful of things I’ve regretted more than getting extensions. The whole experience seemed innocent enough. I suffer from thinning hair and extensions would provide the magical fix to all of my hair woes, right? Wrong! My already thin hair couldn’t handle the load. The weight of the extensions on my actual hair created tension and ultimately breakage. The result was bald patches all over my scalp and even smaller hair count. I was horrified at the aftermath and convinced it would take years for me to get my hair back at square one. I was once again proven wrong thanks to Harklinikken, a cult favorite Danish hair treatment that I credit with saving my thinning mane. 

Don’t be intimidated by the name, Harklinikken literally means hair clinic in Danish. I met with the brand’s founder Lars one sunny day in Los Angeles. I knew my hair issue was bad, but seeing it in pictures made me even more horrified. I realized that not only did I have bald spots due to extension use, my hair has incredibly thing to begin with. He comforted me saying that his treatment regime would help cure all of that. He assurmed that if I was complient, our next meeting wouldn’t be so somber.

(via Harklinikken)
(via Harklinikken)

My first Harklinikken shipment arrived shortly after my initial meeting with Lars. It included a restorative shampoo, conditioner and hydrating crème. Lars explained that the products we use to clean our scalp are just as important as the treatment. You need to give your hair a clean canvas for it to heal. I had been “training” my hair for years. Meaning that I skipped washes in hopes of making my hair produce less oil. Lars explained that this was very wrong, especially for my hair type. I needed to clean my follicles so that they allowed for hair to grow properly.  The balancing shampoo in my kit was the first step in the right direction.

I also received two liquid extract bottles and a syringe with a tip. The extract is customized by Harklinikken for every individual and they have natural fermented ingredients. After my hair dried post-shower, I would need to fill the syringe with the extract liquid and apply it directly to my scalp in a vertical pattern from hairline to hair crown. You apply the first syringe, wait for at least 30 minutes and repeated the process. This has to be done once a day along with a hair wash. To say that this was a commitment is an understatement, but I managed to do it. I traveled with the bottle and syringe and didn’t even let wine nights affect my routine. I was diligent about application and following the routine. 

After following treatment for two months, I received an email from their Beverly Hills clinic letting me know Lars was in town again. I had been compliant and was excited for him to see my progress. I had noticed positive changes myself: I had finally stopped shedding like crazy and my hair felt thicker. I wondered if Lars would too.  

My second meeting with Lars went much better than my first. We discussed my compliance and he got to inspecting my hair and scalp. The bald spots had been filled and you could see tiny hairs starting to sprout all over my scalp. I was over the moon. I couldn’t believe how much my hair health had changed in just a few short weeks. Lars assured me that as long as I continued doing my part, my hair would be significantly thicker and healthier as treatment progressed.

I’ve tried everything when it comes to hair thinning cures. From expensive pills to laser treatments. Harklinikken is the only solution I can confidently put my stamp of approval on. If you are willing to put in the work, Harklinikken will be a godsend. This program’s success depends on repetition so you really have to commit to it. That being said, Harklinikken results are very well worth the effort.

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