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MANESPIRATION: 6 Hairstyles That’ll Make Your Date Say Damn

Valentine’s day may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean some of us haven’t snatched hot dates since then. No matter what your relationship status is, surprise bae (or potential bae) with one of these lush looks.


braid headband crown braid short hair

An easy way to get the “sweetheart” look is to add a braid into your everyday style. If you want a more casual hairstyle, add a headband braid to complement some loose curls.


natural hair texture natural hairstyle frederikke sofie

Since men are from Mars, your elaborate hairstyle might confuse the sh*t outta him. So shave off some getting-ready time and go au naturel, because everyone loves a low-maintenance chick. Add some salt spray or mousse to enhance your natural texture, or shea butter to hydrate curly strands.


bun cuff simple hair accessories low bun

If you’re in a no-fuss mood, go with a low pony or bun adorned with a fun accessory. The Beautibox hair wraps are ideal for achieving the look—watch this how-to video to see what we mean.


old hollywood waves classic waves paul hanlon hair

The options for a glam mane are endless, but you can’t go wrong with old Hollywood waves. This sleek style looks ultra chic with a deep part and a glossy finish. For extra gleaux, add a few rhinestone bobby pins!


effortless waves natural texture hair

Leave some room for your date’s imagination by rocking bedhead.


bombshell hair emily didonato big hair don't care

For a more seductive look, there’s nothing sexier than bombshell hair. Think: big, messy curls with tons of volume aka the bigger, the better! Here’s a tutorial to make things easy for you.

Click here for Khloe K-inspired date night hair.

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