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16 Signs You’re Dating a Celebrity Hairstylist

When you’re dating someone, you’re also dealt a card of their career quirks. Free haircuts, elbow-rubs with celebs, eternal good hair days—the perks that come with dating celebrity hairstylists are aplenty. Or…so we thought. Below, 16 celebrity hairstylists and colorists speak on what it’s actually like to be in a relationship with them.

1. “When the words ‘snatched pony’ are the most overused phrase at dinner.”  —Castillo

2. “When you’re always asking for a haircut and never, ever, ever can seem to get one.” —Laura Polko

3. “When you think they might be looking at hot guys on Instagram but they are really looking at the red carpet looks.” —Jonathan Colombini

4. “When locking in plans on the weekend is near impossible, and when the bathroom is overflowing with hair pins and products, yet her hair is either tossed up in a messy pony or unbrushed waves.” —Kylee Heath

5. “When most of the time you spend together is dropping her off at the airport.” —Jennifer Yepez

6. “When date night gets canceled repeatedly because a celebrity client needs her hair done.” —Priscilla Valles

7. “When addressing him by his name in real life feels almost incomplete without the @ sign before and ‘hair’ after.” —Sal Salcedo

8. “When you no longer have to pay for therapy.” —Sunnie Brook

9. “When you notice the continuity errors in TV shows and movies based on their hairstyles.” —Justine Marjan

10. “When your frequent flyer miles have more 0’s than a billionaire’s bank account.” —Bianca Hillier

11. “When they don’t look you in the eyes, but instead at your hair.” —Scott King

12. “When the last thing they want to do is their own hair…or yours.” —Christine Symonds

13. “When you are always late to everything because they are never done on time!” —Cassondra Kaeding

14. “When your hands look like you committed murder or work in an auto shop.” —George Papanikolas

15. “When you’re the last two left behind in the movie theater still reading credits of who was the head of the hair and makeup departments.” —Lacy Redway

16. “When they’re too busy to text back!” —Cherin Choi

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