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WHAT TO BUY: If you only buy one hair serum, let this be it…

David Mallett Hair Serum

I’m not easily convinced when it comes to hair oils and serums. The last thing I want is for my hair to look greasy, and the line between applying too little and too much is usually very thin…but when David Mallett told me that upon his venture into hair care products his goal was to create the perfect serum, I was intrigued. I’d heard rumors about this serum being the one product women swear by, and it definitely has a cult following; but I’m a beauty editor, and a skeptic when it comes to sensationalized reviews. I’m also a professional and know exactly how I want a product to work; there’s nothing worse than applying too much oil on day 1 of washing your hair just to realize you’ll have to shampoo again soon (I mean- hello?! I wash my hair once a week). No thank you!

But when my dry, split ends were screaming at me and I needed to do something before I could make it into the salon for a trim, I picked up a bottle of David Mallet Serum #27 (that’s how many times he had to reformulate it until it was perfect!) and threw it on my ends.

And OHMYGAWD this product is amazing! First of all, I’m a hairstylist and I’ve never had a split end (champagne problems). Then one evening I looked at the ends of my hair and was horrified. My normally well kept mane had turned into a fashion nightmare, split ends intact. But after only one post-wash application of David’s oil through my hair, I could have easily fooled a fresh trim.

Since then, I’ve used the serum on both wet and dry hair, as a treatment and as a styling aid. The result? My normally frizzy, lifeless hair was suddenly under control.

The amazing thing about this oil is its ability to feel dry. My hair hasn’t felt greasy or weighed down, no matter how much I use, and my ends feel surprisingly moisturized without being weighed down. And surprisingly, I’m still able to stretch my washes a full week while still using the oil daily in between. David Mallett, my inner lazy girl thanks you.


Get yours at The Line ($80).

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