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David Mallett : Spray No.2 Le Volume

As we’ve mentioned before, Paris was a wonderful place for us over at Mane Addicts to discover and explore new products.  Our judgement might be clouded by the smell of fresh croissants and macarons, but we can’t help but feel like Parisian’s put a little something extra into their craftsmanship; and that holds true to David Mallett’s Spray No.2 Le Volume.

This product is great for adding shine, stability, bounce, and body to fine, limp, or lifeless hair.  It’s lightweight formula will not weigh the hair down or feel sticky.

  1. Use by spraying generously to the roots, then combing through to distribute evenly.  Blow dry with a round brush to achieve your desired style.
  2. Scrunch and let air dry for more more stability in your curls.
  3. Use on dry hair after styling for gentle hold and separation.

Our favorite way to use?  For effortless 60’s inspired bounce.

We found a beautiful video online about this spray, and suggest you check it out, along with David Mallett’s instagram for classic #manespiration.

2 minutes

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