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Davines is Relaunching with a New Color Line and It’s MAJOR

“What is art, if not a state of being?” The inspiration behind Davines’s new hair color line ‘MASK” is deep, right? Almost as deep as the color penetration the new line gives your tresses. The high-end hair care brand, originally founded in 1983 in Parma, Italy is “relaunching” with the launch of their new line ‘MASK’. According to Jorge Blanco, Davines’s Creative Director of North America, “it was time for a major upgrade. We also wanted to relaunch this product from a messaging, packaging point of view.”


On Wednesday morning, I visited the hair care brand’s office – a penthouse suite in the Flatiron with a ridiculous view of the city. Blanco, Francesco Ferri (North American Education Director), and Chelsey Pickthorn (celebrity colorist and brand ambassador) spoke of the color technology exclusive to the MASK line: omega 9 oil (which guarantees vibrant and shiny colors), quinoa extract (which increases color absorption and retention), and a phospholipid carrier (from the world of textiles, never used before in cosmetics which ensures an even color from root to ends).


While MASK color results are pretty fierce in and of itself (they’re known for vibrant, shiny hair colors that mimic natural pigment), the new packaging is black, white and chic all over plus majorly sustainable (biodegradable packaging that isn’t so granola FTW). On each of the 85 different colors introduced, there are unique images submitted by admirers, stylists and all around influencers of the brand.

To coincide with the launch of MASK, Pickthorn is hosting the annual Color Me Bushwick event on June 3rd, 4th and 5th where hair color meets music meets art meets the colorful scene that is Bushwick, Brooklyn. Over the course of three days, Chelsey’s boutique salon will open doors to host dozens of musicians and hundreds of fans looking to color their locks and basque in the scene

Want to see how Davines is training their colorists? Look no further.

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