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NEED TO KNOW: A Day in the Life of a Beauty Editor (NYFW Edition)

Fashion week comes and goes like a whirlwind. You’re in, you’re out, you’re running around and you’re trying to eat and sleep in between catching shows, editing pics, and writing. While it can certainly feel glamorous to mingle with the best of the best in the fashion world, it’s not uncommon to hear people backstage talking about how tired they are, or to see a model on her 6th show of the day. By the end of it, we’re all ready for a good night’s rest and a proper meal. To give you some insight, take a look at the fashion week diary of myself, Justine Marjan (Mane Addicts Editorial Director) and Desirae Cherie (Mane Addicts Art Director).


7AM: Wake up. Jet lagged having just landed from LA the night before, we feel as if we’re getting up at 4, but we’re ready for coffee and are excited for our line up of shows!


8AM: Open up the amazing gift bag of goodies Yahoo Beauty sent over, and start snapping pics for our social media takeover.

The Juice Shop NYFW Mane Addicts

8:30: Grab a coffee at Till & Sprocket in Chelsea. Harass the barista into calling out our orders as ‘Yahoo Beauty’ and ‘Mane Addicts.’ Two iced almond milk lattes please! Run down the street for a juice, then hop in a cab and head to Spring Studios for Jason Wu. We’re so excited to see Odile Gilbert on hair for Kerastase.


9AM: Arrive. Drop off our bags, and make our way through the madness backstage. We’ve each got two phones for photos, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, and Twitter, and our cameras. Odile agrees to be in our Periscope! She blames us for everyone having multi-colored hair these days, lol.

Jason Wu NYFW

9:45: We bump into June Ambrose, who instantly becomes our spirit animal. June, you rock a blonde wig like no other. She’s wearing the cutest hat made especially for her daughter by one of the first millineries in the city.


11AM: It’s showtime! The girls’ get dressed and head on the runway. We set up shop with the photographers at the front of house. The girls’ look stunning and the clothing is beautiful. We hang around and grab some photos of Leandra Medine and some amazing hair from the audience after the show.

Street Style NYFW

11:15: Pop outside to snap some street style pics, then start walking to the next show.


12:30: We think we’re going to Cushnie et Ochs, when we see a line outside The Standard. We tell them we’re there for the show and we’re sent up the elevators. We get there and it’s Andrea Jia Pei Li’s SS16 Presentation. What a pleasant surprise. The girls’ have a bunch of twists and futuristic braids to compliment her super structured styles.

NYFW Braids

1PM: Make it to Milk Studios and head to the penthouse for a quick refresher at the Maybelline Lounge.


1:10: Head downstairs for Cushnie Et Ochs with Moroccanoil. Can’t wait to see what Moroccanoil Global Ambassador, Antonio Calero comes up with.

Mane Addicts NYFW

1:30: Arrive. Struggle to get in. Check in is crazy. We make it but the girls’ are in a walk through. We peek our heads in and see the super sleek styles. Don’t know if we’re supposed to be here, but we are anyways! Quick chat with Antonio and we head to the next show.

Cushnie Et Ochs NYFW

2PM: Start walking to the High Line Hotel for Ryan Roche. We’re huge fans of James Pecis and can’t wait to see him work in person. We ask someone on the street if we can take a picture of her hair and it turns out to be Nonie Crème whose doing nails for the show. We love her!

Cushnie Et Ochs NYFW

2:05: Try to find an entrance, but everyone keeps directing us to different places. We spot Emily Ratajkowsi outside getting a coffee. Yes she is just as beautiful as you think she would be.


2:10: It’s hot out. We end up going through the kitchen staff entrance, but we’re lost and the staff directs us up to the 3rd floor.

Cushnie Et Ochs NYFW James Pecis

2:15: This hotel is beautiful! But we can’t find James Pecis who is key hair. We’re so thankful thankful for Beauty.com for inviting us and we lust over the Phyto products the stylists are using. We take some pictures, do our social media thing. James walks in and out like a breeze. No interviews. We wait around to see if he’ll do them later…crossing our fingers…

Cushnie Et Ochs NYFW James Pecis

2:30: We have another show to go to so we grab some grapes from the refreshment table and start walking to the Whitney Museum of Art for Pamella Roland with Ted Gibson sponsored by our favorite hair vitamin, Viviscal.


2:45: It’s a long walk. It’s hot out. Desirae is carrying 5 cameras.


3PM: We make it to the show! But Ted has already left. His assistant is really nice and we get some great pics of the girls. Super sleek hair tucked into a bold choker. The room for hair is tiny, so we don’t stay for long.

Ted Gibson Pamella Roland Sleek Collar SS16 NYFW

4PM: Bumble and bumble is down the street so we head there for wifi and a Periscope with Andrew McCormick, their curly hair specialist.


4:30: What?! They give us food and drinks on the house! So nice. Iced green tea and tea sandwiches please! Oh, and a cookie for dessert.


5PM: Andrew’s client has the most amazing blonde curly hair. He cuts like Edward Scissorhands. We like.

Mane Addicts NYFW

5:30: We stop by Sephora to grab dry shampoo (Elizabeth and James Nirvana), then hop in a cab and head back to the hotel to upload photos and start working on stories.


6-8PM: Hotel work grind. We order soup to get delivered and eat while we’re working.


8:30: Change, spray some dry shampoo, put a quick bend in our hair and we’re Periscoping from Yahoo Beauty and Mane Addicts, letting everyone in on our travel hair care tips!

Mane Addicts NYFW

9PM: Out the door and head to the Turntable Chicken Jazz for a friends’ birthday. What?! Cassondra Kaeding from Sally Hershberger is there. We’ve never met her in person, but she’s scheduled for a Hair Talk with Ryan Trygstad the next day. We meet Phillip Picardi, Teen Vogue Editorial Director, and chat with some other hairstylists.


11PM: Walk back to the hotel.


12AM: Run to the 5th Ave Apple Store to get phone fixed- so grateful it’s open 24 hours!


2AM: In bed, finally. Happy Fashion Week y’all!



Special thanks to Yahoo Beauty for having us takeover for the day! You can read more about our adventures here. #ybsquad!

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