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The LOC Method Will Give You Your Dream Curls—Here’s How

When Marilisa Sears, artistic director at Marc Anthony True Professional, casually mentioned the LOC Method at an event for Marc Anthony, we had to know more. And by more, we mean literally everything. Our main takeaway? Master the LOC Method and you’ll walk away with perfect hair. From what it is to the best LOC Method products, we’re breaking down some key things to know about this haircare routine.

What Is the LOC Method?

The LOC Method stands for Liquid, Oil, Cream, and represents the Holy Grail recipe for snatched, frizz-free curls. According to Sears, there are two ways to “LOC.” The first is with a lotion. “Use a lotion first to add some definition and moisture,” she explains. The lotion is then followed by oil, with the look locked with a cream. However, the method has since undergone a little revamp. “The more modern way is to add a leave-In conditioner, replacing the lotion,” she shares. “I find, more and more, that replacing lotion with a leave-in conditioner is an efficient method. The new LOC results in a softer, lighter feeling and finish.”

Though LOC is a pretty easy way to remember the steps needed for the best curls in life, this isn’t necessarily a new phenom, Sears explains. “The notion of layering or cocktailing has been part of hair culture always,” she explains. “It’s been around without the catch acronym forever.” The idea of channeling the LOC Method has only recently hit the mainstream but has probably been practiced for as long as products have been around—mainly because curly hair needs it all. “Textured hair, whether waves or curls, needs moisture first. Hair that has natural movement needs the extra moisture to hydrate, soften, and defrizz,” she says.

If you consider your hair dry or frizzy, then the LOC Method may be just what the stylist ordered. “The LOC Method works best for hair that always feels dry and needs that extra moisture. Some, but not all textured hair, whether waves or curls, would be best for the LOC.”

Application of LOC Method Products

Leave-In Conditioner/Lotion

If you’re looking to capitalize on your curls instead of covering them up, the LOC Method is a no-fail way to really define what your mama gave ya. “First, we need hair that is fully hydrated,” she explains. “I would start with a leave-in conditioner; it is layered with various oils and conditioning agents to leave hair thoroughly moisturized.” Ultimately, dryness is the true enemy of curls. Moisture is “the key element in natural curl definition,” adds Sears.


Next up, oils. “Oils are the next layer, and a variety of oils together work wonderfully,” she notes. There’s no need to skimp here—coconut, rose, amla—your hair hearts them all. “I love the combination of Abyssinian oil and sunflower oil found in our Bye Bye Frizz 8-in-1 Serum,” says Sears of her personal faves. “They moisturize and protect. Specifically, with Abyssinian oil, its ability to coat strands helps keep nutrients and moisture inside, while also protecting the hair. It’s also a more natural frizz-fighting replacement to synthetic ingredients, such as silicones, on all hair types.”

Styling Cream

The finishing touch and basically the meat of your style lies in your styling cream. The lotion or leave-in plus the oils are needed to prep your hair, while the cream will give you the finished look you’re ultimately trying to achieve. “Styling creams help to form a curl or wave by adding fixatives (ingredients that help ‘form and hold’ hair) creating a blend of hydration and hold. A good cream will add a final layer of moisture and then ‘LOC/LOCK’ the look,” she says—and yet another way to remember the order of these so-necessary steps.

Though there are a million products to choose from, depending on your hair type and the kind of LOC you’re going for, Sears swears by Bye Bye Frizz Protecting Leave-in Conditioner and Bye Bye Frizz 8-in-1 Serum. “Don’t let the name fool you as it can be used without a blowout for curls as well,” she clarifies. Sears also recommends opting for the Strictly Curls Curl Envy Cream as your last step, if you’re looking for “a bit more hold.” And just like that, consider your curls locked down.

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