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A Definitive Ranking of the 9 Most Iconic ‘Drag Race’ Hairstyles in Herstory

Drag Race is iconic in itself, but what truly makes it a phenomenon is the constant mane-spiration we draw from it. Whether the queens are sporting rich-colored tones, dazzling accessories, or era-influenced locks, every hairstyle they rock is completely larger than life. That being said, we decided to take on the impossible task of ranking the most brilliant styles in the herstory of the show. Peep our ranking below!

9. Alaska’s Blonde Beehive

Alaska’s quintessential blonde beehive could never be missed throughout season five. Her flair for ’60s volume and giant bows always made her the star of the show.


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8. Adore Delano’s Signature Mermaid Coils

Who would we be if we didn’t include everyone’s favorite Libra and her signature mermaid waves? Season six beauty Adore Delano was a fan fave for her mix and match candy tresses and we were always here for it.


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7. Valentina’s Curly Bob

Throughout Valentina’s run on Drag Race, we were always mesmerized by her exquisite Spanish-inspired runway outfits. To top off her decorative flair, we couldn’t get enough of the floral accents placed on her often worn curly bob. A must-try style in our opinion.


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6. Jaida Essence Hall’s Long Blonde Mane

We love a drag queen with a long, golden mane so it was only natural Jaida Essence Hall’s insane waist-length one be included. When paired with a purple sequin number, we honestly have no words.


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5. RuPaul’s Disco Diva Afro

We know it seems like a crime to rank Ru a little lower on this list, but there are just that many iconic styles. We still have a deep appreciation and admiration for this disco diva afro. Everything about it screams Beyonce in Austin Powers: Gold Member, no?


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4. Gigi Goode’s ’80s Prom Hair

Only Gigi Goode could take a nerdy ’80s prom ‘fit and turn it into something ultra glam. The bright red ‘do with curls is simply everything paired with the headgear. Her eye for aesthetics and classic style make her a serious queen to watch.


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3. Shea Coulee’s Backyard Wedding Waves

Shea Coulee consistently crushed it on season nine and later on All Stars. Her artistry is unmatched and it was tough to select just one style of hers. This teal-tinted wavy look is the winner, however. It’s just too perfectly complimented by the veil.


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2. Crystal Methyd’s Ice Queen Short Cut

Every single thing Crystal Methyd wore was sickening, but this ice queen short cut was by far one of her best hairstyles to date. She managed to take a traditionally masculine style and transform it into a dreamy, ladylike look.


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1. Jackie Cox’s Stars and Stripes Headscarf

This season 12 look was less about her locks and more about the statement she made via her stunning head scarf. When she walked out onto the runway draped in stars and stripes, we almost lost it. Wearing this beautiful statement piece spoke volumes about the essence of drag, which is at its core, a true expression of artistry and self.


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