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This Old School Brush is the Secret to Better Curls

Few things in life are mythical: unicorns, ligers and the denman brush. You may not know it by name, but you can sure recognize it. Its white nylon pins protrude out of a bright orange rubber pad and it has an iconic black handle. Usually less than 10 bucks a pop, this little tool has a lot of popularity. Countless posts on Reddit and videos on YouTube are dedicated to the wonders that this brush can do to curls.


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The internet swears by a few routines in order to maximize the brush’s powers. The first is bringing it in the shower with you. If you have curls that are especially unruly, you can add conditioner to your wet hair and run the brush through the soaked tresses in order to maximize absorption. Users with heavy curls say that they need to use the Denman brush when hair is thoroughly wet. Otherwise, their brushing efforts end up in a “bad perm” look.

Users with low porosity curls have a more complex technique. They wash and condition, then dry hair with a t-shirt or other non-damaging material. They flip hair and apply additional leave-in conditioning products. While hair is still wet and absorbing products from the last step, they run the denman brush in the direction of hair growth. This placates curls and makes them clump together beautifully.

Although precise product applications and brushing routines can vary, they all have a similar narrative. You start with soaking wet, curly hair. Secondly, you adopt a heavy conditioning routine. These vary from curl-type to curl-type, but typically include a heavy, moisturizing formula in the shower and an oil or leave-in conditioner after. The denman brush can be used during the conditioning step or after. The results are always perfect ringlets with shine and definition.

If you’re a baller with fine hair, THESE pricey brushes will do wonders for your mane.






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