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You Can Dermaroll Your Scalp for Hair Growth—Here’s How

You may have heard of dermarolling before, likely in reference to your face and how to incorporate the practice into your skincare routine. But did you know there is such a thing as dermarolling for scalp and hair benefits? That’s right, dermarolling is said to actually stimulate hair growth and can greatly help individuals who have experienced hair loss and are trying to amplify hair growth in specific places.

“Hair loss or hair thinning is something that nearly everyone will experience throughout their lifetime. While it can often be attributed to hormonal changes, many other factors, including genetics, age, lifestyle choices, and various health conditions can influence it as well. While we can change our lifestyle habits to aid hair growth and counteract hair loss, sometimes it is not fully within our control,” says trichologist Helen Reavey.

One way that trichologists are recommending to counteract hair loss is using a dermaroller in your hair and scalp routine weekly. Read on for our complete guide on scalp dermarolling, including dermaroller scalp benefits and how to use a dermaroller on your scalp.

Dermarolling scalp | Mane Addicts
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About the Experts

Shab Reslan is an NYC-based board-certified trichologist and hair health expert in NYC. She’s the founder of Leona, host of the Hair Like Hers Podcast, and member of the American Hair Loss Council.

Helen Reavey is an NYC-based board-certified trichologist, celebrity hairstylist, and founder of scalp care brand, Act+Acre.

What Exactly Is Dermarolling?

“Similar to microneedling, a derma roller uses medical needles to create micro-punctures on the scalp that stimulate stem cells located in the dermal papilla,” says trichologist Shab Reslan.

A dermaroller is an actual roller that comes on a handle for use, the average one typically has 500+ medical-grade stainless steel needles that are 0.25mm in length. They’re not painful and they do not draw blood, you just feel tiny pokes.

The Benefits of Dermarolling Your Scalp

The main benefit to using a dermaroller on your scalp is how effective the practice is in promoting healthy hair growth, especially in areas where hair loss, breakage, or thinning has occurred.

“Dermarolling is the only guaranteed way to amplify hair growth. These channels increase blood flow to the hair follicle and release growth factors to stimulate hair growth while increasing topical product absorption,” says Reavey.

Helps increase the absorption and penetration of hair treatments.

This is the benefit people are after when they incorporate dermarolling into their skincare routines—for serums and active treatments to penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis.

By dermarolling your scalp, you’re clearing a pathway to your hair follicles and creating those microchannels for your hair products to reach. Products like growth serums, hair masks, and scalp cleanses will be more effective at doing their job thanks to regular dermarolling. Plus, you’re also encouraging collagen, new stem cells, and elastin production. All of these things work in conjunction for the healthiest hair growth environment possible.

Prevents thinning and balding.

Much like using a scalp massager, dermarolling regularly can prevent hair from thinning due to keeping those follicles happy and healthy. The more you care for your hair follicles by using scalp-caring products and practices, the better environment for healthy hair growth.

How to Dermaroll Your Scalp, Step-by-Step

Step 1: Double cleanse your hair and follow with conditioner.

This means using your regular shampoo and scalp cleanse, then conditioning your hair from mid-length to ends.

Step 2: Gently detangle hair.

We recommend the iconic Wet Brush or the Manta Brush to help with this prep step.

Step 3: Using light pressure, roll the dermaroller horizontally and vertically across the scalp.

Reavey says to focus the tool right along the hairline and the area above your ears/temples.

Step 4: Apply a restorative serum for optimal hair growth results.

We love Act & Acre’s Stem Cell Serum and Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum.

Step 5: Clean your dermaroller.

Immediately after using your dermaroller, lightly spray the needles with an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean them. You’ll want to soak in soap and water for five to 10 minutes on a monthly basis for a deeper clean. Your dermaroller should be replaced every three to four months with regular use—about the same frequency as switching out a razor or toothbrush.

Best Dermarollers for Your Scalp

Best Expert-Recommended: Act+Acre Scalp Dermaroller

$46 at Actandacre.com

Trichologist-approved, this scalp dermaroller from Act+Acre promotes hair fullness, thickness, and overall scalp health, creates micro-channels on the scalp to stimulate hair growth, and increases topical product absorption.

Act & Acre Scalp Dermaroller | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Actandacre.com)

Best Subscription Deal: Kitsch Dermaroller

$18 at Mykitsch.com

For those who are apt to forget when it’s time to swap out their dermaroller for a new one (guilty), Kitsch offers a subscription to simplify the process. You can even control how often you receive the delivery to keep up with the swap-out timeline.

Kitsch Dermaroller | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Mykitsch.com)

Best Budget: Hair & Beard Growth Dermaroller

$7.98 at Amazon.com

You can’t beat this price point. This is the perfect scalp dermaroller for those who are curious about the process but not quite ready to dive all the way in.

Hair & Beard Growth Dermaroller | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Best Multi-Pack: 6-in-1 Derma Rolling Kit for Face & Body

$15.83 at Amazon.com

With a variety of different roller and needle sizes, you’re sure to find one in this kit that works for your hair and scalp.

6-in-1 Derma Rolling Kit for Face & Body | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Looking for more products and practices to amp up your scalp care routine? Check out THESE awesome scalp massagers and their benefits.

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