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MANESPIRATION: Desert Warrior Texture

braided festival hair

If your inner fierce goddess is dying to come out, what better way to showcase it then with perfectly undone tresses? Adding texture to your style is an amazing technique that adds interest to your over all look. Nature inspired elements add edge and mystery to your mane while playing up your inner warrior. 

braided festival hair

Top designers and renowned stylists continually pull inspiration from this beautiful concept. The influence of natural elements including feathers and beads create the perfect story. 

braided festival hair

You can incorporate texture into your style in so many different ways, but we love a deconstructed fishtail braid. Just spray R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray on  dry hair, create your braid[s], then pinch and pull on the sides or brush upwards for a lived in finish.  

2 minutes

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