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Multi-Tasking Detanglers to Keep Your Hair Protected and Knot-Free

Chances are, detangler brings back tragic childhood memories of your parent ripping through your knotty hair after a day at the pool. And while most of us hated it, detanglers did their job. But somewhere along the line, we stopped using detanglers in our everyday haircare routines… but why? Today we’re making a case for why you should be incorporating detanglers into your after-shower haircare routine along with our fave detanglers that you need to get your hands on. Discover the biggest hair detangler benefits below!

Girl combing through her brunette hair after using a detangler | Mane Addicts
(via Canva)

Hair Detangler Benefits

Fewer Tangles (Duh)

Okay, repetitive we know. But, detanglers really do work. We’ve all fallen victim to a nasty knot every now and then–and ripping through them to get them out is a terrible idea. Let’s skip the whole tangle thing altogether. Painless detangling is just a spray away.

Try Original & Mineral’s Know Knott for super hydrated strands that rarely tangle.

Original & Mineral Detanglers | Mane Addicts
(via Holistic Hair Tribe)

They’re Also Leave-In Conditioners

Get yourself a product that does both! Detanglers are also leave-in conditioners and most of them are chock full of nourishing oils and shea butter that will help moisturize long after your conditioner dries. If you’re prone to super dry hair, detanglers are essential for you. Our top pick goes to Sachajuan Leave-In Conditioner which uses ocean technology to create a super lightweight formula that detangles and conditions.

Sachajuan Leave in Conditioner | Mane Addicts
(via Dermstore)

Smoother Strands

The way detanglers work is that they smooth your hair shaft, so your hair is less likely to build up friction and stick to other strands of hair and therefore get less tangly. This results in super-smooth hair, so detanglers can help with frizz, soothe flyaways, and overall make your hair look a whole lot better. Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase Detangling Milk Styling Spray is a fab leave-in and detangling styling milk spray with exceptional smoothing properties, so you can banish bad flyaways for good.

Lenor Greyl Smoothing | Mane Addicts
(via Dermstore)

They Can Block UV Rays

Why stop the goodness with detangling and conditioning when you can also protect your strands too? Many detanglers have UV blockers that protect color-treated hair. We like this Revitalizing 3-In-1 Leave-In Treatment by Sun Bum that provides UV protection, detangles, and conditions.

Revitalizing 3 In 1 Leave-In Treatment by Sun Bum | Mane Addicts
(via Ulta)

Added Shine

Want hair as shiny as Olivia Culpo? Well then start spraying away. Detanglers will help add life back into your strands and give you that shiny, bouncy look you’ve been lusting after. Spritz on Ion Color Defense Detangling Shine Mist to protect your color and add a jolt of shine.

ion Color Defense Detangling Shine Mist | Mane Addicts
(via Sally Beauty)

Not fully convinced you should be using a detangler? THIS is why the experts want you to add it to your haircare routine!

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