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These Are ALL the Different Hair Brushes and How to Use Them

If you only use one brush, you’re doing it all wrong. Depending on your hair type and how you typically style your mane, there are a handful of different hair brushes you should probably have in your possession. To break down different brushes (and how to use them), we reached out to hairstylist Sienree Du. Keep reading for what she recommends!

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An Everyday Brush

Sheila Stotts Removal Brush – The metal bristles are anti-static and detangle the hair easily. This is great for people with extensions, as it helps get to the root without snagging. 

Wet Brush – You can use it right out of the shower. Wet hair is the most fragile, and a wet brush is gentle on your hair due to its flexible bristles.     

Tangle Teezer Brush – This is my personal favorite. It’s easy on the wallet and great for curly hair as well.

Mason Pearson Brush – If you’re feeling fancy, this mixed bristle brush is kind of a classic, it’s gentle on your hair, stimulates the scalp, and lasts forever. It’s a great investment.

Round Brush (Depending on Hair Texture)

Ergo Er65 Ionic Ceramic Round Brush – This can be used on all hair types. It has an amazing grip and it’s easy on the hands and wrist.  

Ibiza CC4 63mm – This eliminates frizz and creates body for a big bouncy blowout.     

Ibiza B5 80mm – Its blonde bristles create shine for color-treated and fine hair. 

Curly Girl Hair Brush

Curltastic Wonderbrush – It has adjustable tension for all curl types, and it’s gentle.

Denman Brush – This helps form curl pattern.

Flexy Brush – This is ideal for exfoliating, cleansing, and stimulating the scalp. It helps clump your curls for better definition. 

For more on brushes we highly recommend, click HERE to learn about INH’s new electronic styling tool!

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