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How to Go All Coachella Weekend Without Washing Your Hair

If you’re anything like us, washing your hair is a big ol’ to do, especially when it comes to three-day festival weekends like Coachella. Between day parties, the festival, late-night parties, and the next day’s hangover, finding enough time to take a proper shower and wash your hair is basically impossible. This is why we are challenging you to go shampoo-free all Coachella weekend! We know, we know—triple-digit desert heat sounds like a stinky mess. Throw in mile-long walks from the Main Stage to the Sahara Tent, and dancing all day and night, and you’ve got yourself a mane emergency (aka very dirty festival hair). But have no fear, we’re confident that if you follow our steps below, you can successfully go an entire festival weekend without washing your hair!

Crowd at Coachella music festival
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The Night Before

Brace your mane for the weekend-long festivities by giving yourself(and your strands) some major TLC. Give your hair a super thorough wash with a clarifying shampoo, and don’t forget to really massage your scalp for a super deep clean. Follow with a great conditioner.

Day 1: Natural Texture

Rock your natural texture on day one! This is the day that your hair is going to be the freshest and clean, so take advantage of it and don’t weigh it down with a ton of heavy product. If you need a little help, try R+Co Texturizing Spray for added volume, but don’t overdo it. Save the products for days two and three. But, do have fun with hair accessories. We love the idea of a gold hairpin, an ethereal hair comb, a fresh flower crown, and a spiked, jewel headband.

Day 2: Waves and Half Topknot

Start the morning off by applying a healthy dose of dry shampoo to your roots to soak up any oil or sweaty residue. You might even need to call in the big guns and use your blow dryer too. Then, use a curling iron and wave your hair. Next, spritz a little texturizing spray for va-va-voom volume. Chances are, not even a bottle of dry shampoo is going to soak up all your day one Coachella grime, so we suggest tying half of your hair up into a chic topknot or half braid to hide your greasy crown.

Day 3: Hat by Day, Braids by Night

Here at Mane Addicts, we’re practical, and we know what day three festival hair can look scary. So instead of trying to twist and tug your strands into a style, save your outfit that looks best with a hat for day three. A hat really is the perfect solution; it hides your hair, protects your face, and compliments your outfit. By night, either keep the hat on or switch things up with tight, French braids. Don’t be afraid to throw on some glitter gel to conceal that dirty festival hair.

So there you have it, our guide to going an entire festival without washing your hair! Would you do it? Let’s talk dirty festival hair below!

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