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6 Disney-Inspired Winter Hairstyles to Rock All Season

Nobody does ‘Winter Wonderland’ quite like Disney, but you can certainly try with these elegant and ethereal hairstyles. 

Whether you’re staying in for a cozy night, venturing to a cabin in the woods, or simply need a gorgeous statement ‘do for photos, these are the Disney-inspired winter hairstyles to rock all season long!

1. Rapunzel-Inspired Waterfall Braid 

It wouldn’t be a quality Disney hair round-up if we didn’t include a dazzling waterfall braid modeled after Rapunzel. Woven to perfection, this style is whimsical enough to exhibit on a night out yet simple enough to wear lounging with the fam. Either way, we give these uniquely interlaced tresses two huge thumbs up.

2. Tiana-Inspired High Bun

In our book, a boss winter look consists of a sleek high bun and tailored blazer. This opulent Tiana-inspired ‘do absolutely works with or without the crown. Face-framing pieces complement the elegance of the pinned bun and really just give any kind of coat you’re sporting an extra dash of cuteness.

3. Anna-Inspired braid Crown 

We always stan a simple long braid, but why not give her captivating sister a chance instead? Braid crowns just scream winter, especially this Anna-inspired style. To give it extra winter flair, we suggest blue or white flowers to compliment.

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4. Jasmine-Inspired Low Ponytail 

Headbands and a good pony go hand in hand, so take a leaf from Jasmine’s book and throw them together for this effortless vibe. Paired with simple makeup, this is your go-to on days you don’t feel like pulling out all the stops (aka, every day😅).

5. Tinkerbell-Inspired Space Buns

What’s life without a little pixie dust? Top off your ultra-lush space buns with a little glitter and gold this season. Opt for a blue, silver or teal hue for that ultimate frosty feel.

6. Elsa-Inspired Dewdrop Braid 

Putting Elsa to shame isn’t an easy task, but it’s totally doable with this ice queen-inspired look. It’s pure magic starting from the crown of your head and smooth as glass winding down. The disheveled pieces make it an uncomplicated yet chic hairstyle for a chilly winter date night.

Disney always comes through for us, but further hair-spiration can be found in THESE iconic movies.

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