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4 DIY Brown Sugar Scalp Scrubs That Will Take Your Locks to an Entirely New Level

Everyone loves a good sugar scrub, amirite? Buying them is one thing, but why pay a pretty penny when you can fully DIY your way to a healthier scalp?

Brown sugar is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make a killer face exfoliant, but little did you know it’s also fabulous for your strands. If you’re looking for a way to take your hair health to an entirely new level, start by making one of the below DIY hair scrubs with this sweet additive ASAP.

1. Brown Sugar, Olive Oil & Honey Scalp Scrub

Brown sugar acts as a refreshing exfoliant for your roots and scrubs away any build up and dead skin cells just chillin’ on your scalp. This version, made with olive oil and honey, can be used pre or post shampoo. Brown sugar clears out your hair follicles while honey and olive oil help add extra hydration.

2. Oatmeal and Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub

Add oatmeal to the mix to help boost blood circulation in addition to unclogging your follicles. Combine brown sugar, oatmeal and olive oil with your regular conditioner to give it a serious boost. We would recommend using this as more of an exfoliating treatment and deep conditioning mask after shampooing.

3. Brown Sugar and Jojoba Oil Scalp Scrub

This is one to add to your routine a few times a week if you tend to have a flaky scalp. Adding jojoba oil to your scrub can actually help remove dandruff while sloughing away dead skin cells. It can even aid in protecting your hair from damaging UV rays. Ingredients for this one include brown sugar, jojoba oil, fresh lemon juice and sea salt.

4. Muscovado Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub

Muscovado brown sugar is perfect for anyone transitioning to their natural texture. It has a higher molasses content and smaller particle size, making it a bit more gentle on hair. Sugar with a higher particle size could be a bit more abrasive, causing damage. This recipe calls for muscovado brown sugar, coconut oil, honey and a bit of your normal deep conditioner.

2 minutes

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