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Take Cranberry Far Beyond Thanksgiving Dinner With These DIY Hair Masks

If you thought cranberry was just a delicious sauce or drink consumed during the holidays, you thought wrong. This versatile ingredient has the potential to boost fiery-shaded locks, increase shine, and add massive amounts of vitamins to your strands. There are an overwhelming amount of ways to incorporate this festive food into your hair care regimen, but we’ve rounded up the best and easiest below. Scroll through how to take cranberry far beyond your average Thanksgiving dinner.

Cranberry hair mask | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Unsplash / Henk van der Steege)

Cranberry and Egg Hair Mask

This particular DIY mask is simple yet effective for a dry, itchy scalp. Cranberries contain anti-inflammatory properties which are just what you need to calm any irritation or swelling. The mixture only requires two raw eggs and half a cup of cranberry juice to make your way to a balanced, dandruff-free head of hair.

Cranberry and Honey Hair Mask

Instead of trashing those leftover cranberries, combine them with a bit of honey for a sweet, yet tart hair mask that’s every dark hair-slayer’s dream. To mix this magical paste, you’ll need to blend it up first and refrigerate it for 30 minutes to help it thicken up. The best part? You can even apply any extra to your face for a smoothing face mask! We waste nothing around these parts.

Color-Enriching Cranberry Hair Mask

The natural red coloring in cranberries can add extra gingery warmth to your locks whether you’re a natural or non-natural redhead. That’s why making this hue-boosting mask is the perfect organic element your routine has been missing. After washing, rinse your hair thoroughly with highly concentrated cranberry juice. Comb it through and let it marinate in those bright and bangin’ locks.

Cranberry works wonders for the scalp, but did you know THESE easy smoothie add-ons can also boost your hair’s health?

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