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Take Cranberry Far Beyond Thanksgiving Dinner With These DIY Masks

If you thought cranberry was just a delicious sauce or drink you consume during the holidays, you thought wrong. This versatile ingredient has the potential to boost fiery-shaded locks, add shine and massive amounts of vitamins to your strands. 

There are an overwhelming amount of ways to incorporate this festive food into your hair care regimen, but we’ve rounded up the best and easiest below. Scroll through for how to take cranberry far beyond your average Thanksgiving dinner.

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Happy Friday! Did you know that October is National Cranberry Month? The state of New Jersey is one of the country’s top cranberry producers and has a long storied tradition of harvest. In celebration, Ocean County Parks & Recreation have introduced a perfect fall activity for the whole family, The Historic Cranberry Trail through the Pine Barrens. This month-long event is brought to us by Whitesbog Preservation Trust, Double Trouble State Park & Cloverdale Farm County Park. Their hope is that during the beautiful October weekends, you will hit the road to visit these historic sites, learn a little more about the “Rubies of the Pines” by taking a guided tour, or just simply enjoy the opportunity to see the cranberry harvest take place! They’ve also included restaurants with seasonal cranberry recipes & markets that feature wines, baked goods, jams, jellies and other treats featuring the famous berry. There is something for everyone to enjoy! Checkout some of our recommended cranberry destinations! 😊 . . 🔴Whitesbog Preservation @whitesbogpreservation a historic preserved village which features seasonal active cranberry & blueberry harvesting. Check website for events, tours, hikes, shopping & more! They have events running until 10/31! Whitesbog.org #whitesbogpreservation . 🔴Double Trouble State Park #DoubleTroubleStatePark a state park owned village complete with miles of hiking trails and a perfectly intact example of a cranberry packing house! Check website for hours & events! Njparksandforests.org . 🔴Cloverdale Farm #CloverdaleFarm learn the ins and outs of cranberry farming by viewing informational exhibits! Check website for hours & events! Oceancountyparks.org . 🔴Chatsworth Village #ChatsworthVillage home of the Cranberry Festival, the White Horse Inn, Cheshire Cat at Buzby’s & Hot Diggity Dog! Chatsworthnjhistory.org . . So go out with family & friends and enjoy learning about New Jersey’s Cranberry History! Stay tuned for more on #AllThingsWonderful from Asbury Park to Bay Head! #TheShoreBook . . @lucillescountrycooking @skippers_seafood @nixonsgeneral_store @vincentowndiner @theoldeworldbakerycafe @pinelandsbrewingco @popcornparkanimalrefuge

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Cranberry & Egg Hair Mask

This particular DIY mask is simple yet effective for a dry, itchy scalp. Cranberries contain anti-inflammatory properties which are just what you need to calm any irritation or swelling. The mixture only requires two raw eggs and half a cup of cranberry juice to make your way to a balanced, dandruff-free head of hair.

Cranberry & Honey Hair Mask

Instead of trashing those leftover cranberries, combine it with a little honey for a sweet, yet tart hair mask that’s every dark hair-slayer’s dream. To mix this magical paste, you’ll need to blend it up first and refrigerate it for 30 minutes to help it thicken up. The best part? You can even apply any extra to your face for a smoothing face mask! We waste nothing around these parts.

Color-Enriching Cranberry Hair Mask

The natural red coloring in cranberries can add an extra tinge of ginger-y warmth to your locks whether you’re a natural or non-natural red head. That’s why making this hue-boosting mask is the perfectly organic element your routine has been missing. After washing, rinse your hair thoroughly with highly concentrated cranberry juice. Comb it through and let it marinate in those bright and bangin’ locks.

Cranberry works wonders for the scalp, but did you know THESE easy smoothie add-ons can also boost your hair’s health?

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