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DIY Floral Shampoo Recipes to Kick Off Spring

What better way to welcome in the abundant energy of spring than by creating an all-natural hair wash for luscious locks? If you’re in the market for a new shampoo this season and are in a DIY kind of mood, scroll through below for all the best herbal recipes to try ASAP.

Essential Oil-Infused Shampoo

If you love the sweet, exquisite aroma of essential oils, then this is the herbal shampoo recipe for you. Using castile soap and your choice of essential and plant-based carrier oils, whip up your au naturel hair care routine in under an hour.

Herbal Rose Shampoo

I mean who doesn’t love the sweet scent of a rose? The star ingredient in this recipe is actual rose petal-infused water. You can even add fresh lavender and pineapple to the mix to give this a real boost. Fresh, floral, and ready to rinse.

Rosemary & Mint Shampoo

If you like something a bit more cooling, try this rosemary and mint-infused herbal shampoo. This is also a perfect combo for dry, frizzy hair that needs a little extra hydration. The addition of aloe vera gel adds next-level softness and shine to brittle locks while mint helps calm an itchy scalp.

Want more essential oils to try in your hair? Peep THIS list!

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