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These DIY Holiday Hair Masks Prove Eggnog’s Not Just for Drinking

Not the biggest fan of drinking eggnog? No problem, we still have a treat for you. This creamy, festive drink can be used for so much more, including making your own hair masks.

Whip up a batch and throw in a few other pantry ingredients for an ultra-hydrating treatment that’s just right for the winter months. Since we’ll all most likely be spending some extra quality time with our couches this month, read on below for the best DIY holiday hair masks featuring the holiday season’s star ingredient, eggnog!

Eggnog Hair Mask With Cinnamon & Nutmeg

The cinnamon in this treatment is the ingredient you need if you’re looking to lighten your strands a bit. If not, however, maybe steer clear of this one. A few other key ingredients include honey and coconut oil for hair that is extra thirsty.

Eggnog Hair Mask With Argan Oil

This edition of the mask adds a touch of our favorite hair growth ingredient, argan oil. Stylists rave about it for a reason, it smooths out frizz and adds real strength to your locks. Throwing in an egg white also adds extra protein for further nourishment. Colder weather absolutely requires this mix.

Eggnog Hair Mask With Vanilla

For a soft, shiny, delicious-smelling mane, opt for this mask with vanilla extract. You can leave this simple yet effective mixture on for about 30 minutes with a shower (or heat) cap for dazzling holiday locks that shine like nobody’s business.

Eggnog gets the job done, but it’s also the perfect time to try one of THESE lush DIY cranberry hair masks!

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