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7 DIY Honey Hair Treatments For Strong, Healthy Hair

If you aren’t yet familiar with how your tresses can benefit from incorporating honey into your hair routine, we’re here to teach. The natural sweetener isn’t just great for sweetening your tea but it can also promote hair growth, cleanse, condition and add shine to your hair when used in hair treatments. Honey contains invaluable vitamins, is an antioxidant and a humectant (which means it retains moisture) so when used as a hair product your locks become moisturized, luscious and shiny.

We all know that with the cold winter months come dry, brittle strands and scalps so there is no better time than now to start incorporating honey hair treatments into your beauty regimen. So whether you are looking to target flaky scalps, deep condition your tresses or add shine, this inexpensive household item can be used by itself or combined with other ingredients to treat your hair. Here, we’ve rounded up seven DIY honey hair treatments to try out when you’re snowed in this winter.

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