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Do Custom Haircare Products Actually Work? We Asked the Experts

No two people have the same head of hair. We all have different concerns we need to be addressed, which is why opting for custom haircare products often seems like the best bet. These personalized products claim to offer more targeted treatments for our unique strands versus generic products on the market. But are they really all they’re cracked up to be? Do custom hair products work at all like they say they do? We chatted with Bay Area-based dermatologist Dr. Kaveri Karhade and Schweiger Dermatology Group dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian for their honest opinion on custom haircare brands. Read what they had to share below!

Do Custom Hair Products Work? And, Do They Work for Everyone?

There are a number of benefits to using personalized hair products that both the experts called out. Dr. Karhade notes they can be helpful to target a really specific hair goal you have. “If you have color-treated hair, desire reducing brassiness, and also extra hydration, sometimes choosing a custom formula is an easier method of achieving those goals than searching for the right product (or several products) on your own.”

Dr. Nazarian points out that “custom products are a great way to address personal needs in your hair care that may not apply to other people. Everyone has their own unique hair type, in terms of the diameter of their hair follicles, degree of oiliness, and contour and styling they desire.”

That being said, Dr. Karhade does stress the effectiveness of these products may not be what they’re cracked up to be. “I do think the amount of customization that can truly be achieved has a limit,” she says. “The vast majority of shampoos and conditioners have similar formulas and address similar goals. As a dermatologist concerned about scalp skin health along with hair health, the kind of hair products one uses doesn’t vary all that much.”

Are They Even Worth It?

Dr. Nazarian does note that custom hair products can be beneficial for some. “Having a customized hair product is a smart way to address issues that are priorities for you,” she says. “And certainly everyone could subscribe to a personalized product if they desire.” She does, however, mention personalized products may not be for everyone. There are a number of us who don’t need them. Many of us can get away with using generic products in our day-to-day routines.

Along those lines, Dr. Karhade states that “custom products don’t add any major noticeable benefits.” At least not any more than generic haircare products would. However, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t recommend custom haircare products. She understands how convenient they are, noting “For other reasons such as ease of finding the right product, the convenience of only having one product instead of several, and the look and feel of the product itself, some people may choose to pursue custom products.”

What Makes Custom Haircare Products Better Than Generic Products?

So are custom haircare products better than their more generic counterparts? It doesn’t seem that way. Really, they’re just different and offer unique ways to target your major hair concerns. Dr. Nazarian does note that “if you find that you are unsatisfied with the average haircare product for the masses, using a customized product to tweak aspects of haircare may be beneficial.” It’s all up to you.

Additionally, Dr. Karhade mentions that many personalized haircare products “may offer ease, convenience, and accessibility compared to generic products, but the majority of ingredients used can be found in generic products as well.”

Are There Any Custom Haircare Brands You Recommend?

As far as custom haircare brands go, both Dr. Nazarian and Dr. Karhade suggest trying Prose and Function of Beauty. Dr. Karhade does note that she often doesn’t recommend custom hair products to her patients, though she herself has been recommended these brands.

We’ve happened to test out these particular personalized haircare brands a few times and have had great experiences with both. Prose and Function of Beauty have an array of custom hair products we love.

Looking for some more custom haircare brands to try? Check out THESE seven brands that’ll give your locks exactly what they need!

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