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Is Long, Dark Hair the Secret to Finding Your Soulmate?

Olivia Rodrigo, Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian—what do these three have in common? Now that I think about it, quite a lot, but I had a very specific answer in mind; they all have gorgeous long, dark hair and are in some of the most talked-about celebrity relationships.

Megan and her “twin flame” Machine Gun Kelly have been together for over a year now, yet the two are still madly in love. They really are a gorgeous couple, aren’t they?

Kourtney and legendary drummer Travis Barker have been stoking the flames of their budding romance that took off at the beginning of 2021. They’re practically inseparable at this point. Honestly, I’m happy to see it, though I would’ve never expected this pair to end up together.

And that brings us to Olivia. Though she hasn’t officially confirmed her relationship with music producer Adam Faze, the internet went wild when photos of the duo kissing were shared last month. Not much is known about their partnership, though I have one thing to say—good for you, Olivia, you look happy and healthy.

Do Men Prefer Brunettes Over Blondes?

Seeing these relationships all over my social media feeds led me to wonder if having long, dark hair was the secret to finding your soulmate. It doesn’t look like blondes are having too much fun these days. Maybe Marilyn Monroe was wrong, maybe gentlemen prefer brunettes?

It’s not just these celeb romances that have me convinced, the science is there too. Numerous studies point to brunette hair being more attractive. Take this 2011 study from dating app Badoo, for example. A couple of thousand UK men were polled and 33.1% of them revealed they found brunettes more attractive than blondes. Though 29.5% found blondes more attractive, brown-haired beauties still edged ahead of the pack.

Another 2011 study conducted by Viren Swami and Seishin Berrett went a little more in-depth. Rather than just asking men which hair color they preferred, they organized this study in the field. In this case, the field was a nightclub—three nightclubs, to be exact. The researchers had a woman (whose hair was dyed red, brown, and blonde for the experiment) sit in the various clubs. They monitored how often she was approached by men and found that it happened more often when she was blonde. Nearly 60 men approached her when she was blonde, compared to 42 when she was brunette.

The same researchers then conducted a follow-up study. This go around, they had 126 men rate the attractiveness of the same woman in the various hair colors. With that poll, the brunette-haired version of the woman was rated as more attractive, intelligent, approachable, and confident, though they also labeled her as being arrogant. Ugh, men. The blonde version of the woman was deemed needier by the participants. So I say again—ugh, men!

Is Longer Hair More Attractive to Men?

Though only two studies were discussed, others out there reveal the same thing—men do prefer brunettes over blondes. But what about length? Megan, Kourtney, and Olivia all have incredibly lengthy tresses. Does that play a role in their blossoming relationships? Turns out, it does. Longer hair is in fact more attractive.

A 2016 study conducted by David C. Matz and Verlin B. Hinsz discovered that a woman’s hair length was linked to her physical attractiveness, relationship potential, and parenting capability by men. The study notes: “Hair that is healthy and strong signifies overall physical health, which in turn can signify one’s capability of conceiving and carrying a child … Because hair tends to be thicker, healthier, and grow more quickly in younger women (ages 16-24) than older women, one would expect that younger women would wear their hair longer than older women to provide a more perceptible and powerful signal to reproductive potential.”

Longer hair is also seen as more feminine and dainty than shorter hairstyles. Most men, especially cishet straight men, desire women who are more feminine as it balances out their masculinity. That is if they have any. That’s the last jab, I promise.

The Final Verdict

As it turns out, Megan, Kourtney, and Olivia are all onto something. It seems the secret to being in a happy, healthy, soulmate-style relationship is to have long, brunette hair. Don’t mind me calling my stylist immediately to go darker and add some extensions. Or maybe I’ll try a wig? Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll embrace my lighter, shorter locks and say screw what men find attractive? I’ll get back to you on that…

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