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Scott King on Moving to LA to Pursue His Hair Career

In our Don’t Blow It series, we ask the hair industry’s most-talented artists to reveal a time in their career where they in fact, almost totally blew it.

Up now: Celebrity Hairstylist Scott King.

If there’s a hairstylist in Los Angeles that’s dominating young Hollywood–it’s Scott King. The Mane Master has a roster jam packed with pretty young things like Bailee Madison, Sabrina Carpenter and Madison Beer. When he’s not tending to the tresses of the under 30 set, he’s slaying manes at the Martizez Samuel Salon in West Hollywood, CA. It’s hard to believe that Scott moved to the City of Angeles from Washington DC to push his hair career to the next level just six years ago. Below, Scott tells us the one time that he really almost blew it on set… and how he saved the day.

Scott King celebrity Hairstylist

On the time he almost blew it:

“One time, I was cutting one of my male client’s hair for a TV appearance and I forgot to put the clipper on and I started to cut and I cut it wayyy too short–like almost a buzzcut on one side. My heart literally sank to my stomach. I wanted to throw up, but I knew I had to figure out something, and quickly.”

He noticed almost immediately and was like “woah, that’s a little short.”

I totally convinced him that it was edgy and cool and he rolled with it… I mean… thank God!

What was one thing you had to overcome as a celebrity hairstylist?

One thing I had to overcome in my career would be moving from DC, having a full clientele to LA and having to start from the bottom as an assistant again. It was hard and I was making no money. It took about a year to pick up the momentum again but it was so worth it because I learned so much more than I ever thought I could.

Below, watch Scott King show us how to get easy, chill surfer hair!


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