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Bombshell Stylist Sunnie Brook Reveals the Time She Almost Blew It

In our Don’t Blow It series, we ask the hair industry’s most-talented artists to reveal a time in their career where they in fact, almost totally blew it.

Up now: Celebrity Stylist Sunnie Brook.

Sunnie Brook has worked on some of the biggest It-girls in the business–Hailey Baldwin, Diane Kruger, and Allison Williams–and has been steadily making a bigger and bigger name for herself in this crazy industry. Now repped by the Tomlinson Management Group–the bombshell is a seasoned pro, and it’s hard to imagine that she ever made a misstep. Below, Sunnie shares a time when she almost blew it moments after landing in France.

Hairstylist Sunnie Brooke

Tell us about one time you almost blew it.

One time I almost blew it in my career was when I had just landed in France and a client called me for a haircut. He was attending a red carpet event in a couple of hours for his recent film. I assumed he just wanted a trim and style because his hair was shoulder length and I thought that he would keep it the same way for the next movie he was soon shooting.  I showed up ready to trim his hair and he informed me he wanted a complete change  . . .a skin fade!

I only had my scissors and my American clippers, not European tools or cordless ones yet (I was planning to pick them up the next day) but I decided “Sure, let’s do this!” I started cutting his hair scissors over comb, which hairdressers know is a tedious job, clippers are much more efficient for this.  We didn’t have enough time for me to get tools that were the right voltage so to clean up the edges and neck  I decided to sacrifice my clippers, plugged them in the outlet. There was just enough juice to finish the cut before we blew a fuse!  He loved the extreme makeover but it was a close call! 

Do you have any advice for aspiring hairdressers?

Be really patient with yourself. It does take time and I know you might be in a rush to get there but each step of the way is important because it will teach you and develop you and help you become well rounded. If you work in the salon, really embrace that time in your life because you will learn how to work with every hair type and every personality out there. That will really add value when you’re on set with a diverse type of clientele. It will put a lot of experience and tools in your kit.

So, be patient and look back and be thankful for how far you’ve come. You’ll be able to see your progress. Gratitude is a really useful tool to helping you to continue to be successful and seeing opportunities that are in front of your every day.

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