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I Let My Friend Chop Off My Hair in College—and It’s One of My All-Time Biggest Regrets

We all know college is a time to experiment, and boy did I ever. During freshman year especially, I went through every single music phase you can think of (except country, but anyway), I hung out with an “interesting” friend group, developed a very temporary crush on a girl, and chopped off all my locks. 

Yep, my lengthy, thick hair was no longer, and I was left with a legit boy cut that required me to use pomade each morning to get ready. I cringe just writing this. It was bad. Not to mention, it totally accentuated my naturally round face. If there’s one era I’ve blocked out of my mind (with the exception of this post), it’s that one.

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It all started when I was kind of over my current hair and wanted a little trim. I enlisted the help of my friend, and she chopped a few seemingly harmless inches from my head. No biggie, or so I thought… that is until I got frustrated with how uneven it looked. What began as a few additional inches removed from someone with no hair-cutting experience, turned into chopping off basically everything. Yep, there I was, feeling like Kelly Osbourne circa 2002.

What followed was months of utter humiliation and hiding. I did what I could to sometimes make it look “cute,” but I was not feeling my look. Whether I added a headband or a head wrap, it was beyond unflattering. And apparently, I wasn’t even recognizable, because when I came home for summer, I spotted this guy I used to date out of the corner of my eye inside a Baskin Robbins. Obviously not feeling my look, I didn’t go up and say hi, but I figured for sure he had to have seen me. The shop is really small.

Sure enough, he just so happened to message me on AIM (#RIP) later that week to see how I’ve been, and I was like, “Umm, why didn’t you say hi at Baskin Robbins?” He genuinely seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I couldn’t believe it had come to that.

Freshman year came and went, and I approached sophomore year feeling refreshed from the summer and ready to start anew. But what followed was a full year of an awkward growing-out phase. My hair was all these uneven lengths, and as it grew out, there wasn’t even a “style.” Not to mention, this was more than 10 years ago (and in Oregon of all places), so I didn’t exactly have access to the top-tier hair stylists I have at my fingertips now.

It’s a bummer because a lot of college was plagued by the embarrassment of my stupid hair. At the end of the day, however, it was my choice to let my friend chop away. I don’t know what I was thinking. But it was a huge lesson learned, and I’ve never taken my hair for granted since.

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