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The Do’s and Dont’s of Coachella Hair

coachella hair

F**k yeah, festival season’s here. Up first: Coachella. While you’re frolicking through the fields of Indio vibing to Guns N’ Roses and Calvin Harris, stray far from overplayed festival hairstyles. Or in other words, avoid looking Coachella cliché at all costs. Dk where to start? Peep our list of do’s and don’ts before you make your way to the desert.


  1. Join the braid game. Take a page out of Kim Kardashian and North West’s playbook and plait your mane. This look won’t budge from sweat, which means you can rock next-day waves.
  2. Embrace your natural hair texture. Skip the hot tools and spray a wave spray for IDGAF- hair.
  3. Incorporate accessories. Whether it’s a headscarf, bohemian-luxe headwear or a haute hat, little details can make a big difference in your festival style.
  4. Keep cool with a fun, unexpected updo or reform your sweaty strands into the perfect high pony.
  5. Make your ‘do like the models on the Gucci runway by breaking out your crimper and creating edgy undulating waves.


  1. Fall victim to cultural appropriation by wearing a Native American headdress as a hair accessory. Not only is it insensitive, but it’s much more chic to don a minimalistic hair chain.
  2. Wear a flower crown. The look may have been a hit at the height of Coachella’s comeback, but it’s starting to feel stale.
  3. Seek out super sleek strands. Too much product in your hair won’t agree with the sweltering desert heat. Even worse? Straight hair can fall flat and appear greasy before you even hit after parties.
  4. Flash back to hair feathers. This is one blast from the past that’s better left behind.
  5. Forget to protect your hair color and scalp. While you’re out there dancing under the sun, keep your color on point and your scalp sunburn-free by using a protective spray with SPF.

Check out our Coachella hair survival guide.

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