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Double Cleansing Is the Next Big Hair Washing Trend–Here’s Why It Works

Lather, rinse and repeat. Those three little words have been practically etched on our brain since we were young. Hair professionals have caught on and are now swearing by the old-timey advice. Find out why hair double cleansing might just be for you.

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What is Hair Double Cleansing?

We were introduced to double cleansing in skincare via K-beauty rituals. In this type of double cleansing, two products are used to remove oils, makeup, and residue from the face. Typically, an oily or very moisturizing cleaning agent goes first and a second, more stripping cleanser follows. The idea is to make sure your skin is a completely white canvas for the serums and other products that will come after cleansing.

Similar to its skin counterpart, hair double cleansing involves shampooing twice. The first go-around is intended to remove heavy product, dirt, and natural oils. The second shampoo is supposed to finish the job and give you a clean canvas for styling.

Is Hair Double Cleansing for Me?

Although it sounds great in theory, hair double cleansing isn’t for everyone. The best candidates have thick, coarse hair that is sometimes accompanied by waves. If you have thin hair and/or an oily scalp, double cleansing isn’t for you. In the latter instance, you may actually overdry your hair and create brittleness.

How To Double Cleanse

If you are a candidate, you have a few options for double-cleansing. First, you can pick two shampoo formulas that address your individual needs. The second technique involves using the same formula twice and dividing the amount you would typically use in the shower into two. This way, you don’t go expensive through product too quickly but you do get the benefits of a double cleanse.

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