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Dove Redefines Beautiful Hair With New #LoveYourHair Campaign

dove love your hair campaign
Being the mane addicts that we are, we swoon over every curl, strand, and texture across the hair spectrum. No matter if unruly or refined, manes of every color, length and style make our hearts flutter. But a Google search for “beautiful hair,” paints a strikingly narrow image of beauty. For decades, women have been told to believe that beautiful hair meant long, silky, and straight. In an attempt to reverse this archaic nonsense, Dove Hair is now diversifying the definition of beautiful hair with its new campaign, #LoveYourHair. And we’re all for it.


The brand is known for pioneering the self-love movement within the beauty industry, and its latest endeavor accelerates efforts by celebrating all hair textures, types, colors, and styles. The campaign video touches on the countless hair myths women are bombarded with—you shouldn’t have long hair past a certain age, untamed curls aren’t professional, short hair isn’t feminine, Asian women shouldn’t have blonde hair, blue hair isn’t work-appropriate; and the list of BS hair rules goes on and on and on.

Having become so distorted, today’s beauty standards lead women to internalize insecurities about their hair. In fact, 86% of US women believe that media and society put a lot of pressure on women to have hair that looks a certain way. Dove’s research also shows 81% of women feel that the hair we see in advertisements and in the media makes women feel bad about the hair they have. As “normal” as the media tells us this specific type of hair is, a majority of women in the country are unable to achieve it.

The #LoveYourHair campaign not only proves that beauty comes in all forms, but also brings this truth to the mainstream. Dove is encouraging women to express themselves in their own way, whether that means rocking their natural hair or altering it whichever way they choose. There is no “right way” to do beauty—your hair is gorgeous any way you see fit. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Dove.

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