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MANESPIRATION: Dreamy Pastels by Aura Friedman

Aura Friedman, queen of unicorn hair, major bombshell manes, and, oh you know, just Lady Gaga’s pink hair, is every it-girl’s godmother. Making her mark at the Sally Hershberger Salon in New York’s Meatpacking District, Aura Friedman is behind the iconic colors of Sky Ferriera, Soo Joo Park, and M.I.A.

Naturally, we are obsessed with wigs, and as Aura regularly creates the bold colors for our favorite editorial spreads, it only made sense that we enlisted her to create the ultimate colorful wig story.

Aura FriedmanPastel  Wig Story for Mane Addicts

For the first wig’s pinky, cotton candy strands, Aura was “inspired by the 90’s shot of Amber Valetta’s grey/silver roots with pink ends.”

“I started coloring wigs years ago,” says Aura, “at Bumble and bumble for some of the most inspiring editorial stylists [including] Dennis Lanni and Jimmy Paul. I realized that models can’t change their hair color for every shoot, so wigs and hair pieces were the next best thing. [With bright and bold colors trending] wigs are being used a lot more often.”

Aura FriedmanPastel  Wig Story for Mane Addicts

Without using hair color, Aura drew inspiration from the incandescence of opal, for “subtle hints of pink and mint green in platinum blonde.”

“Since my pastel tones were originally inspired by 60’s hair color, I suggested we use modernized 60’s hairstyles on my pastel wigs.” says Aura. With her extensive experience in coloring, pastels are her origin. “It might have started in 2005 with MIA’s rose gold or Lady Gaga’s pink pieces for the VMA’s in 2009, or Peter Som’s Spring/Summer 2011 Rosegold and in Spring/Summer 2013, or French Impressionist inspired multi colored pastels. That’s my pastel life.”

Aura FriedmanPastel  Wig Story for Mane Addicts

Appropriately, summer had a part in this color. And our favorite part? The fact that it reminds of creamsicles.

“The thematic elements that were talked about when the looks were being developed had a lot of 90’s inspiration,” says Charles Strahan, who styled each of the wigs. “Simultaneously when referencing the 90’s, there is a lot of 60’s influence to that era too; so I pulled a little from both. You can’t really talk about referencing the 90’s without going into ‘The Supermodels’ obviously. I love the images created during that time! I remember being inspired by all of them. I even still have George Michael’s “Freedom 90” on my workout playlist.”

Aura FriedmanPastel  Wig Story for Mane Addicts

Tell us this doesn’t make you think, MERMAIDS.

Aura FriedmanPastel  Wig Story for Mane Addicts

This last look perfectly embodies Aura’s talent in coloring was also a tribute to opals, her birthstone.

Did you have a favorite look from the shoot? Sound off in the comments!

If you’re itching to try a pastel color yourself, just be prepared to maintain those dreamy tones.

Model: Jordan Butler @jordanbutler

Colorist: Aura Friedman @auracolorist

Hairstylist: Charles Strahan @charlesbakerstrahan

Makeup: Samuel Paul @samuelpaulmakeup

Stylist: Ade Samuel @adetsamuel

Photographer: Andrew Stiles @andrewstiles

Videographer: Michael Coco @wraycoco

Art Direction: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

2 minutes

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