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These Are the Best Drugstore Products for Wavy Hair

Can we say something that is so brave yet so controversial? Wavy hair isn’t talked about enough. And no, we don’t mean waves that are produced by mousse, texturizing spray, or even a wave wand. We’re referring to naturally wavy hair—anyone with the hair type 2A, 2B, or 2C. Straight strands and kinky coils have their products, but wavy tresses are often overlooked. Seeing as this hair type is in between curly and straight, wavy hair is essentially the middle child of hair types. But, we see you and are here to give you what you need: the best drugstore products for wavy hair. Your time is now, wavy hair wonders of the world. Scroll below for some wavy hair products that will tame frizz, add shine, and so much more!

1. SheaMoisture Coconut Custard Make It Last Wash N’ Go Shampoo: $9.97

The right shampoo is key to incredible hair. Give your waves the treatment they deserve with this shampoo from SheaMoisture. Made with coconut milk, it offers a refreshing cleanse that isn’t too harsh on your strands.

SheaMoisture Wash N' Go Shampoo Phthalate Drugstore Product | Mane Addicts

(via Walmart)

2. Dove Amplified Textures Super Slip Detangling Conditioner: $6.98

Dove’s Amplified Textures line was specifically designed for coils, curls, and waves. This particular conditioner will instantly detangle your hair in the most moisturizing way possible.

Dove Amplified Textures Super Slip Detangling Conditioner Drugstore Products | Mane Addicts

(via Walmart)

3. Camille Rose Honey Hydrate Leave-In Hair Conditioner: $13.99

Your waves need the right amount of hydration, which is where this honey leave-in conditioner comes into play. Use this once a week to moisturize your strands and leave them smelling amazing.

Camille Rose Honey Hydrate Leave-In Hair Conditioner Drugstore Products | Mane Addicts

(via Target)

4. As I Am Coconut CoWash: $8.99

Using shampoo and conditioner on your strands can sometimes be too much. That’s when cowashing can be useful to wash your hair and moisturize it all at once. The As I Am Coconut CoWash keeps hair hydrated and refreshed, without stripping it of its natural oils.

As I Am Coconut Cowash | Mane Addicts

(via As I Am)

5. Mane Club Wavy Baby Wave Texture Spray: $8

Enhance and define your waves with this texture spray from Mane Club. Your waves will look effortless and free of frizz. What more could you ask for?

Mane Club Wavy Baby Wave Texture Spray | Mane Addicts

(via Mane Club)

6. Bed Head Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist: $11.02

Add extra definition and volume to your natural waves with the Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist from Bed Head. It’s the perfect product to use when you’re in between wash days.

Tigi Bed Head Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist drugstore products | Mane Addicts

(via Walmart)

7. L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water: $9.99

It only takes eight seconds to achieve silkier, shinier, healthier waves with the Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water. When you need a quick refresh, use this instead of shampoo and you’ll be good to go.

L'Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water | Mane Addicts

(via Ulta)

8. The Original Wet Brush Shower Flex Hair Brush: $7.99

You need a brush that won’t damage your strands when you comb through them. The Wet Brush Shower Flex allows you to brush your strands without unnecessary tugging, even while wet.

The Original Wet Brush Shower Flex Hair Brush | Mane Addicts

(via Target)

Now that you have these drugstore products for wavy hair handy, want to give your waves a retro feel? Check out THIS how to from our very own Jen Atkin and Byrdie!

Hey mane muse, we wanted to give you a heads up that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Okay, so what does that mean for you? It just means that Mane Addicts will collect a small share of the sale from any purchase you make from the products we recommend.

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