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Live In a Dry Climate? These 9 Hair Products Will Nourish Brittle Hair

Dry climates don’t do a mane any justice in the health department. In our search for the best hair products to de-frizz, smooth, and hydrate brittle hair in a dry climate, we tapped the pros. Below, discover nine nourishing products for every hair type in need of TLC.

Hey, mane muse! We wanted to give you a heads up that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that Mane Addicts will collect a small share of the sale from any purchase you make from the products we recommend.

1. EVOLVh SuperFinish Finishing Balm

I love this product because it really moisturizes brittle hair and adds not just shine, but protection from further damage to the hair. It’s like an oil but it’s silicone-free and doesn’t weigh the hair down. I like to use this product on clients who have really damaged, brittle hair from coloring it so much, especially if they’re asking for heat styling. 

Ashley Rubell 

EVOLVh SuperFinish Polishing Balm

(via EVOLVh)

2. Virtue Refresh Purifying Leave-In Conditioner

This product just gives a huge boost of moisture to the hair, which is what we all need in dryer climates. It’s an easy spray to use right when you get out of the shower to give your hair a softer, healthier finish as it dries.

Ashley Rubell 

Virtue Leave in Conditioner

(via Sephora)

3. L’anza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment

Hair is like sex. It needs a lubricant of some kind or it’s not going to feel or look great.

Alcohol has a bad wrap. But some alcohols in products are actually very moisturizing as they protect and preserve the moisture (fat/lipids) in the hair. And fat is what we want to moisturize the hair. Now each alcohol or fat has a different sized molecule and many of the other moisturizing ingredients have massively different molecule sizes. Larger ones will be heavier and wont be great for fine hair as it will weigh it down. Smaller molecular size and they’ll feel like they aren’t working. So there is not a one size fits all moisturizing product which is why I break my favorites into three categories: Fine, medium, and coarse.

For fine hair, a product with abyssinian oil like this is great for post or pre-styling. Abyssinian is a lighter, weightless shiny oil that improves the strength and moisture of dry hair.

Argan oil is a heavier oil for medium textures. You can find great moisturizing benefits from Moroccan Oil Argan Oil.

Coconut oil is a great heavy weight ingredient found in a product like Phyto Phytokeratine Ultra Repairing Mask. It’s extremely moisturizing for those who have thicker to curly to course textures. 

Cash Lawless

L'anza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment

(via Ulta)

4. Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask

I love using this masque once a week when my hair is feeling dry or fragile. This masque adds so much moisture to the hair, making it super soft and easy to brush through.

Alex Brown

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask

(via Sephora)

5. Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray

You can easily spray this in dry hair and it adds moisture and sheen instantly. I love using it as a midday hair refresh or to tame frizz and static.

Justine Marjan

Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray

(via Space NK)

6. Hair Rituel by Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil

My favorite way to use these products for dry hair is to mix a dime-size of the oil and finishing cream together in your palm and then apply to hair.

These are my favorites because the oil is super moisturizing yet lightweight and the finishing cream is like lotion for the hair, so the two together are like magic!

Carly Walters

Hair Rituel by Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil

(via Sisley Paris)

7. Natalie Anne C3 Enriched Charcoal Hydrating Mask

This product packs a whole lot of hydrating and nourishment for tired and dehydrated hair. This is a staple in my shower and smells incredible. The product feels amazing on the hair and you get noticeable results after the first use. There is no other masque on the market that I would use. Perfect for medium to thick hair that is in desperate need of some love. My favorite way to use this product is weekly when I do all my treatments. I apply a chestnut-sized amount to pre-washed, towel-dried hair for 20 minutes then rinse. My hair is left feeling refreshed without being weighed down.

Chantelle Maree


(via Natalie Anne Haircare)

8. It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

It detangles hair, it puts shine back into the hair by restoring the hair and smoothing out split ends. I love it because it’s meant for all hair types, even color-treated hair. I use it after a long day at the beach or pool. It gives the hair a lot of moisture and also a nice beachy look. Fun fact: it’s gluten-free.

Alex Thao

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

(via Ulta)

9. Amika First Base Moisturizing Styling Cream

I put it on the ends and frizzy, dried, color-treated side pieces. It has coconut oil in it so it’s going to protect your hair from the sun. You can put it on wet or dry hair. I don’t like to use a lot, but just enough depending on hair type. It has a super light, manageable hold so it’s great pre-prep for an awesome blowout.

Alex Thao

Amika First Base Moisturizing Styling Cream

(via Sephora)

These hair products for dry climates aren’t the only thing that’ll save your strands from the weather. Check out THESE hydrating products for thick, dry hair!

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