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I Replaced My Hairspray With Dry Shampoo For Three Days

Hairspray is probably my favorite hair product to use on any hairstyle. From sleek and straight, big and curly, textured and wavy or any sort of updo–I always find a way to incorporate hairspray. Which is why you can imagine my confusion recently seeing so many hair tutorials where the stylist uses dry shampoo in lieu of my beloved hairspray. My confusion lead to curiosity and I decided to replace my all-time favorite Balmain Paris Hair Couture Session Spray Strong with Sachajuan’s Dry Powder Shampoo when styling my hair over the course of three days.

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So if you’re looking to get the most out of your dry shampoo, you ran out of hairspray or you’re just over that stiff hold that a lot of hairsprays give, keep reading to find out how to use a product that works as a dry shampoo hairspray.

Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo, dry shampoo hairspray
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Day 1: Putting dry shampoo to the test on a hot, humid NYC day

On clean, damp hair I used Sachajuan’s Styling Cream prior to blowdrying to protect my hair from any possible heat damage and then I blew my hair dry. Then, for added texture, I used the Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo on my roots prior to curling my hair with a wand. I split my hair into three layers and used my NuMe Precious Metals Curling wand to curl my hair. After I finished curling each layer, I used the dry shampoo to spray over the section and then once all layers were curled, I sprayed the dry shampoo all over for hold.

The result: After eight hours spent running around New York via mass transit on an unseasonably warm and humid October day, I was surprised at how well my long, thick hair held it’s style without the use of hairspray. The curls weren’t as defined as when I left my apartment that morning but there were other environmental factors in play here. However, I was definitely not disappointed by the volume that stayed intact throughout the day.

That evening, I left my hair down and slept on my Slip Silk Pillowcase (as I do every night) in an attempt to preserve what was left of my curls.


Morning Hair Curled With Dry Shampoo as Hairspray


End of Day 1 Dry Shampoo as Hairspray

Day 2: Second day curls 

On the morning of the second day of my dry shampoo as hairspray experiment, I brushed out the curls from the previous day and gathered the hair into three sections, sprayed dry shampoo at the root to soak up excess oils and add texture, curled each section then sprayed the dry shampoo all over once again for hold.

The second day wasn’t as hot and humid as the first so my curls remained a little bit more defined than they did the first day however, by the end of the second day I wasn’t a huge fan of how gritty my hair started to feel and dull it started to look (I love a shiny mane.)


Beginning of Day 2 Dray Shampoo as Hairspray


End of day 2 dry shampoo as hairspray

Day 3: Clean roots with a tangled pony

By the third day, I was definitely ready to wash my hair, but in the name of journalism I nixed washing it and reached for the Sachajuan dry shampoo. I once again gently brushed out the curls so that my hair didn’t turn into a big tangled mess, sprayed the dry shampoo onto the hair, massaged it into the roots then pulled my hair up and secured with an elastic and curled a few pieces of the ponytail then did a once over spray with the dry shampoo to smooth down any fly aways.

The result by the end of the third day: roots that looked clean paired with a frizzy, tangly ponytail. To be fair, I naturally have hair that gets frizzy and tangles easily, so I’m not sure if even the strongest hold hairspray would’ve made a difference on third day hair in humid NYC.


Beginning Day Three Dry Shampoo as Hairspray


End of day three dry shampoo as hairspray

The final verdict: I would definitely use Sachajuan’s Dry Powder Shampoo again in place of hairspray but would only do so for two days, versus three. This dry shampoo as hairspray swap is especially perfect if you prefer that lived-in, beachy hair look, but hairspray is definitely better if you’re looking for polished, shiny curls.

Not sure which dry shampoo is best for you? HERE’S how to pick the best dry shampoo for your hair type.


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