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6 Dry Shampoo Hacks That Will Change Your Life

You likely have your dry shampoo routine down pat, but we’re here to shake it up with some life-changing dry shampoo hacks. These tips will help you get the most out of the product, leaving you with strands that appear freshly washed. Scroll below to discover the hacks and try them out yourself!

1. Spritz dry shampoo on your scalp before you workout.

Dry shampoo works to soak up extra oil on your scalp, which you’re likely aware of by now. When you use it before you workout, it can prevent sweat and oil from doing a number on your scalp. That way, you won’t have to wash your hair after every workout. Doing so will only strip your hair of its natural oils, so stick with this preventative measure instead.

2. Spray dry shampoo onto your brush.

This dry shampoo hack has been making the rounds on TikTok lately and has changed the game for everyone who has tried it. Rather than spraying the product onto your scalp, spray it onto a brush. You’ll want to aim for the roots as you brush through your strands.

3. Give the product extra time to absorb by using it before bed.

We all spray on the dry shampoo right before heading out the door, but you should really be spritzing it onto your strands the night before. This will give you extra time to absorb the product, so you aren’t left with excess white residue.

4. Use it as a volume boost for fine, flat hair.

Another reason to use dry shampoo at night, is because it can boost volume. This is especially true for those with fine, flat hair. Massage it into your strands, go to bed, and you’ll wake up with loads of extra volume. Plus, it’ll also get rid of any overnight oil.

5. Spread the dry shampoo evenly with help from a blow dryer.

If you forget to use dry shampoo before bed and have to spray it on in the morning, this hack if perfect for you. After working the product through your strands, use a blow dryer to spread the product more evenly. It will also get rid of any excess residue, while increasing your hair’s volume.

6. Wait a few seconds before massaging the dry shampoo into your roots.

Natural instinct tells us to work the product through our roots immediately after spraying it. Don’t. The best way to ensure absorption is to let it sit on your strands for a little bit before massaging it in. More oil will also be soaked up this way.

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