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This Is the Difference Between Showerless and Dry Shampoo

We’re probably just like you when we say we wouldn’t expect there to be a difference between Showerless and dry shampoo. After all, the whole point of applying dry shampoo is so that we don’t have to wash our hair!

Well, according to SWAIR founders Carrie Sporer and Meredith Krill—who just launched their innovative spray—the two types of products are in fact quite different.

To get the bottom of it, we interviewed the business partners below. Keep reading for what they had to say!

Mane Addicts: First and foremost, what is Showerless Shampoo?

Carrie Sporer: Showerless Shampoo is a game-changing dry shampoo alternative that cleans your hair without suds, rinsing or residue. It was designed to help active people save time by enabling them to skip a traditional shampoo after working out and getting sweaty. Of course, you can use it any time you want to clean your hair quickly. 

MA: What’s the difference between Showerless Shampoo and dry shampoo?

MK: SWAIR’s Showerless Shampoo is different from dry shampoo because it actively removes sweat, dirt and daily grime. When you spray Showerless Shampoo, it transforms the surface of your hair to loosen the dirt. Then you can easily remove the dirt or sweat by towel drying, and air dry or blow dry any excess moisture before styling your hair.

Most dry shampoos, on the other hand, do not clean your hair. They add unwanted chemicals to make your hair appear less dirty.  In extreme cases, dry shampoos can clog the hair follicles, which may lead to itchiness, hair loss or infection. Powder-based dry shampoos can leave your hair with residue and a pasty texture while alcohol-based dry shampoos can dry out your hair’s natural oils, reducing shine and causing breakage.

MA: Is Showerless Shampoo for everyone?

CS: The great thing about our formula is that it’s vegan, cruelty-free and made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial dyes or short chain alcohols, making it suitable for virtually every hair type. The formula is also safe for use on chemically treated hair and extensions. We’ve had positive feedback from focus group testers and customers with all different hair types. You just may need to use more or less product depending on how thick or curly your hair is.

MA: What’s the best situation to use dry shampoo and what’s the best situation to use Showerless Shampoo?

MK: Our goal was to create Showerless Shampoo as another way to clean your hair instead of a traditional shampoo. We’ve found that many customers (as well as ourselves!) have traded in dry shampoo for Showerless Shampoo. If you want a texturizing product, dry shampoo may be a better option.

MA: Can Showerless Shampoo be used every day?

CS: Absolutely! SWAIR’s formula is gentle enough for daily use. You’ll have to wash your hair in the shower at some point though. A great trick between Showerless Shampoo uses is to towel dry your hair without adding more product to it. The technology remains active on your hair follicles, so you can get an instant refresh.

MA: Would you ever use dry shampoo and Showerless Shampoo at the same time?

MK: Never say never! While our goal was for someone to use Showerless Shampoo instead of dry shampoo, we are sure that our customers may experiment.

MA: Is there anything else people should know about the two or about SWAIR in general?

CS: We’re doing our best to build our brand with water conservation and sustainability as a core focus, and we see this as an ongoing process.

It’s estimated that by using our Showerless Shampoo, you can cut down on traditional hair washing by at least twice a week. If a normal shampoo takes you three minutes (let’s be honest, it’s probably more), you’re saving a minimum of six gallons of water each week. That’s 312 gallons per year!

In addition, all of our packaging and shipping materials are recyclable or made from recycled materials. We also ship our e-commerce orders without any filler inside of the boxes to reduce waste.

Now that you know the difference between showerless and dry shampoo, click HERE to learn more about SWAIR’s founders!

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