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All the Dyson Airwrap Styling Videos I Can’t Stop Watching on TikTok

If you haven’t seen how amazing the Dyson Airwrap is by now, please correct that immediately. I’m forever captivated by its ability to dry, style, and polish so effortlessly.

There’s no better way to see it in all its curling glory than by watching my favorite stylists and short-form content queens using it on TikTok. Scroll through below and find the best Dyson Airwrap styling videos on all kinds of hair that I just can’t stop watching. Welcome to your new addiction, I promise it won’t completely consume your life.

On a Bob

Some assumed this powerhouse tool wouldn’t do much for a bob, but they thought seriously wrong. Proof that gorgeous, French girl hair is just a short blow dry and Airwrap away.

On Thick Hair

Yes, this wizardly tool even perfectly styles thicker hair. That’s when the epic brush attachment really comes in handy.

On a Lob

Lob looking a little flat? Spruce it up by wrapping it up real quick. It gives that messy, yet classy lived-in look we all love.

On Naturally Curly Hair 

Curly girl and YouTuber Julissa Guillen is a fave of mine for so many reasons, but her styling technique using the Airwrap is definitely the main. Confirmation that it whips curls into shape and gives you a fabulous at-home blowout without the fuss.

On Super Long Hair

Tresses of legendary lengths need not shy away either. It still delivers salon-worthy quality at home in under 30. Coils for days.

On a Stylist 

Yet another reason to always listen to your stylist. Take notes because they would know exactly how to use this bad boy to get snatched ringlets every time.

On Frizz-Prone Hair

Prone to frizz? Call on your friend, the Airwrap. Frizz and flyaways are still not a match and it smooths even the most unruly mane. We love to see it, folks.

Yep, you called it, we’re always on TikTok. Find out what other haircare routines we’re peeping on the app HERE.

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